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No Relief for 4000 People Affected by Brazil’s Latest Tailing’s Dam Spill

Arianne Phosphate Partners with Quebec Center of Geomatics to apply AI & Remote Sensing to Future Lac à Paul Tailings Dam

Time Up for Tailings Dams?
THE clock is ticking on tailings. That is the word from International Council on Mining and Metals director Aidan Davy to the recent PDAC virtual forum in Canada

African Company Develops Early Warning System to Avoid Tailings Dam Catastrophes

Canadian Miners Subject to Tougher Tailings Standards

Suncor Energy Patent Method and Device for In-Line Injection of Flocculent into Mature Fine Tailings

Engineering Design of a Geotextile Reinforced Tailings Pond Closure Capping Solution – TenCate Blog Bites #2 Closure Series


Water Quality of the Rivers after the Fundão Tailings Dam Collapse [PDF]

Review of Additives Used in Cemented Paste Tailings: Environmental Aspects and Applications

Detoxification and Utilization of Cyanide Gold Tailings: A Critical Review

Rheology of Mine Tailings Deposits for Dam Break Analyses

Environmental Hazard of Rare-Earth Loparite Ore Dressing Tailings [PDF]

Recovery of Magnetite-Hematite Concentrate from Iron Ore Tailings [PDF]

Incorporation of Rheological Characterization in Grinding and Tailings Slurries to Optimize the CMP Magnetic Separation Plant [PDF]


Newcrest Seeking Tailings Facility Construction Supervisor

PanAust Seeking Senior Tailings Engineer

Newmont Seeking Principal Engineer, Tailings & Dams,-Tailings-&-Water-CO-80002/729472600/


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