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Update on the Tailings Dam Leak in the Solomon Islands (Breaking News)

Brazil Court Flags Rupture Risk at Vale’s Norte Larajeiras Dam (Breaking News)

Red Earth Engineering (REE) Extends it Tailings Expertise By Hiring Two Very Experienced Tailings Engineers​

Newcrest’s Cadia Gold Mine Tailings Dam Collapse in 2018 Causing Concern Again

From Aberfan to Brumadinho, and Mariana to Mount Polley, a Common Thread Runs Through the Mining Industry’s Tragic Recent History of Tailings Disasters

Tailings Tech Company Phibion to expand Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation’s Global Reach with RCF Jolimont II Fund Investment

1911 Gold Commences 2021 Tailings Reprocessing

Nechalacho Mine Touts New Tech Will Lead to No Tailings, Easier Reclamation

Vale Starts Vargem Grande Complex Filtration Plant Operation


Biological Effects of Uranium in Water, Soil and Rice Around a Decommissioned Uranium Mine

New Method for Gold Recovery from Copper-Gold Tailings by Ammoniacal Thiosulphate Leaching

Chemical Technology for Producing Precious Metals from Enrichment Rejects of Copper-Pyrite Ores

Utilization of Low-Alkalinity Binders in Cemented Paste Backfill from Sulphide-Rich Mine Tailings

Study on the Effectiveness of Limestone and Cementitious Industrial Products for Acid Mine Drainage Remediation

Industrial Ramie Growing on Reclaimed Ion-Adsorption Rare Earth Elements Mine Tailings in Southern China: Defibration and Fibers Quality

Biochar-Templated Surface Precipitation and Complexation Effectively Removes Arsenic from Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)

Characterisation of Magnesite Mine Tailings as a Construction Material

Long-term Effects of Phytoextraction by Poplar Trees on the Concentration, and Transportation of Heavy Metals in Mine Tailings


Atlantic Gold a Subsidiary of St Barbara Ltd. Seeking Tailings Engineer

Barr Seeking Tailings-Focused Geotechnical Engineer–senior-level-tailings-focused-req2877

BHP Seeking Principal Tailings Engineer

GHD Seeking Geotechnical Engineer for Mining

MMG Seeking Tailings Superintendent for Rosebery, Tasmania

Teck Seeking Tailings Engineer

Teck Seeking Senior Engineering Advisor in Tailings


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