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Tailings Dam Failure in Wenquan Township Jiaokou County, Shanxi Province, China (Breaking News)

World Leader in Tailings Dam Displacement Measurements from Satellite Radar Data

New Insights into the 2020 Sardoba Dam Failure in Uzbekistan from Earth Observation

A New Look at the Statistics of Tailings Dam Failures (Breaking News)


Samarco Delivers Dam Stability Assurance Statement

Monitoring Tailings Dams with Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Design of Tailings Management Facility for Teck QB2 Project | WSP

Social Engagement Prioritized in New Tailings Standard – Canadian Mining Journal

FLSmidth Southeast Asia Copper-gold Mine Order Includes Tailings & Filtrate Thickeners

Tailings Management Program | Sustainable Mining | Future of Mining – VIDEO

Tutorial – Tailings Dam with Core – Getting started with PLAXIS Designer – VIDEO

Tailings Analysis – Just $100/sample for X-Ray Diffraction, Particle Size and Microscopy

‘It’s About Survival’: the Yorkshireman Seeking Justice for the Mariana Tailings Dam Disaster


Application of Multispectral Remote Sensing for Mapping Flood-Affected Zones in the Brumadinho Mining District (Minas Gerais, Brasil)

Environmental Pollution and Depth Distribution of Metal(loid)s and Rare Earth Elements in Mine Tailings

Research to Extract Battery Metals from Tailings

Study on Erosion Characteristics and Mechanisms of Recycled Concrete with Tailings in Salt Spray Environments

Bio-Matrix Pot Addition Enhanced the Vegetation Process of Iron Tailings by Giant Juncao Crops (Pennisetum Giganteum)

Leaching Assessment of Cemented Bauxite Tailings Through Wetting and Drying Cycles of Durability Test

Leaching Characteristics and Stabilization of Heavy Metals in Tailings by Sodium Diethyl Dithiocarbamate Intercalated Montmorillonite (DDTC-Mt)

Production of Gold Mine Tailings Based Concrete Pavers by Substitution of Natural River Sand

Dynamic Effective Stress Analysis of a Centreline Tailings Dam under Subduction Earthquakes

Batch Scale Study on Magnetizing Roasting of Low-grade Iron Ore Tailings Using Fluidized Bed Roaster

Lithium-ion Transfer Strengthened by Graphite Tailings and Coking Coal for High-rate Performance Anode


Impala Canada is the only Canadian Pure Play Palladium Producer Seeking Tailings Engineer

Supervisor – Tailings | Glencore Mount Isa Mines


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