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Rio Tinto Publicizes Details of Tailings Management

Boliden to Spend US$530m on Aitik Tailings Dam

Barrick Gold says Mining at Pueblo Viejo Would End Without TSF

Brazil’s Vale Starts Work on Eliminating Another Upstream Dam

Golder Risk Assessment for Australian Vanadium Mine Finds Geomembrane ‘Not Necessary’
A Conceptual Exposure Model was developed by Golder and, together with a risk assessment, concluded that a geomembrane was not necessary and the risk to aquatic life was low

Shock $15 Plan for Old Gympie Gold Mine Site

Clean Energy’s Dirty Secret: How Push for Modern Technology has Made Chinese Pond Toxic


MASTERCLASS – ‘Advances in Design and Construction with geosynthetics for Mine Tailings and Closure Applications’ (Tuesday 7th June 2022)

Boliden to Adjust Dam Construction in Aitik

Modelling Tailings Dam Rupture (Video Webinar) by Brian Fox, FLOW-3D HYDRO

Editorial: Tailing Dams – Slow Responses to Risks Long Known

Water Security Threats and Challenges Following the Rupture of Large Tailings Dams

Carbon-Capture Technology for Tailings Wins B.C. Company a Million-Dollar Prize Backed by Elon Musk’s Foundation

Keeping Up with Demand: Copper Tailing Reprocessing

The Future of Tailings Management – VIDEO

Swedish Mining Company to Improve Tailings Dam Construction

Vale Sand to Aid Sustainability and Mining Tailings Reduction


Evaluation of Molybdenum Tailings as Replacement for fine Aggregate in Concrete: Mechanical, Corrosion Resistance, and Pore Microstructural Characteristics

Graphite Tailings’ Effects on Mechanical and Physical Properties of Eco-Efficient Steel Fibre-Reinforced Concrete

Hydrometallurgical Processing of Brazilian Iron Ore Tailings for the Synthesis of Pigments


A Tailings Dam Long-Term Deformation Prediction Method Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition and LSTM Model Combined with Attention Mechanism

Passivation of Heavy Metals in Copper-Nickel Tailings by In-Situ Bio-Mineralization

Dewatered and Stacked Mine Tailings: A Review

Geochemical and Mineralogical Characteristics of Gold Mine Tailings in Egypt

Semi-Parametric Copula-Based Estimation of Risk of Tailings Dams


AECOM Seeking Senior Tailings Engineer for Brisbane Role

HATCH Seeking Tailings Engineer for Perth Role

Paterson & Cooke Seeking Tailings and Pipeline Project Engineer (Calgary, Alberta or Vancouver, BC)

WSP Seeking Senior Civil Designer for Mine Waste Team


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