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Breaking News – Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management Released

New Standard on Tailings Management Released (Breaking News)

Australian Miners Welcome New Tailings Standard (Breaking News)

Miners Need More Engineers to Meet New Tailings Dam Safety Standard (Breaking News)

Dewatering Mining Waste using TenCate Geotube® Technology – Case Studies From Around the Globe

Vale Recorded Webinar – Future of Tailings – Webinar – 22 June.mp4

Vale Webinar Presentation PDF – Future_Of_Tailings_Vale_Stratalis_20200722.pdf

Lessons Learned from the Mount Polley Disaster

Mount Polley Tailings Pond Remediation, Six Years Later

Australian-Made Remote-Controlled Mini-Dredger for Tailings Removal – Mongolian Gold Mine Tailings Dam – CASE STUDY

Global Tailings Dam Standards Rest on Voluntary Compliance

Miners Look to Alternative Solutions to Monitor Tailings During Pandemic

How We Approach Tailings Management at Tanjianshan Gold Mine
It has a maximum height of about 40 metres, and is double-lined with a geo-membrane layer and a high-density polyethylene liner.

Rapid Tailings Analysis Service – Characterization of Tailings and Sediments by Microscopy, PS and XRD

GHD Hiring Senior Technical Director – Tailings (Peth, WA)

Coffey Seeking Senior/Associate Geotechnical Engineer for Tailings Dams – Brisbane

Recent Release of Victorian Mine Closure Review

Upstream Tailings Dam – Liquefaction (Thesis)

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