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Catastrophic Failures Raise Alarm About Dams Containing Muddy Mine Wastes  (Breaking News)

Golder Designs Tailings Management Facility for Chile Copper Mine QB2 Project (Breaking News)

Mixed Reaction to New Tailings Standard  (Breaking News)

Golder Associates Appointed to Design TSF for Marathon Gold Project  (Breaking News)

Tailings Dam Management Made Easy With a Remote Controlled Robotic Dredger (Australian-Designed & Made)    

Vale Activates Emergency Protocol for Another Tailings Dam  (Breaking News)

TailCon Projects Offering Tailings Management Services in  WA

Tailings Dam Embankment Construction – Huesker

Mining Industry Guidelines Seek to Prevent Tailings Dam Failures  (Breaking News)

Deformations Prior to the Brumadinho Dam Collapse Revealed by Sentinel-1 InSAR Data Using SBAS and PSI Techniques

Minimizing Environmental Impacts Through the Elimination of Tailings from Mining Operations

Seeking Senior or Principal Engineer – Tailings & Mine Waste

Strain History and Short-Period Aging Effects on the Strength and Cyclic Response of Fine-Grained Coal Refuse

Rapid Tailings Analysis Service – Characterization of Tailings by Microscopy, PS and XRD (just $300/sample)

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