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Alcoa Signs 5-year Tailings Solution Contract with K2fly

K2fly Welcomes Five-year Tailings Solution Contract with Alcoa USA Corp

Lessons from Tailings Dam Failures—Where to Go from Here? by David John Williams [PDF]

ROV Mini-Dredgers for Managements of Tailings, Sludges, Silt and Slimes in Mining Operations

RocScience Tailings Dam Management & 3D LEM Risk Assessment

A Brief Video History of: The Mariana (Samarco) Tailings Dam Disaster (Documentary)

HL GeoSpatial Showcases Solutions for Tailings Dam Monitoring

Using Drones and ROV to Assess the Vulnerability of Marine Megafauna to the Fundão Tailings Dam Collapse

Australian University Offers Graduate Certificate in Tailings Management

Assessment of Heavy-Metal levels in Estuarine Sediments after Fundão Tailings Dam Breach


The Influence of the Instantaneous Collapse of Tailings Pond on Downstream Facilities

Study on Hydraulic Incipient Motion Model of Reinforced Tailings

Healthier Economy in Tailings Management


Newmont Seeking Senior Tailings Dam Engineer for Colorado Operations

Newcrest Seeking Senior Civil Engineer for Tailings Dams for Cadia NSW Operations

Golder Associates Seeking Principal Tailings Engineer for Perth Operations

Wood Seeking Senior Geotechnical Tailings Engineer for Peru Operations

Freeport-McMoRan Seeking Tailings Dam Operator for Arizona Operations

Rio Tinto Seeking Principal Mining Engineer in Tailings for Simandou Project in Guinea, Africa


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