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Bolivian Authorities Investigate Tailings Pond Collapse

Environmentalists Alarmed by Bid to Raise Wall Height of Tailings Dam at N.S. Gold Mine

Critics Worry More Tailings Pond Waste at Gold Mine Could Mean Disaster for Nova Scotia

Brazil’s Vale Advances Tailings Dam Closure Program


Two New Reports Outline the Catastrophic Consequences of a Tailings Dam Failure

The Use of the Silva-Lambe-Marr Method for Estimating the Annual Probability of Failure of the Tailings Dams at the Copper Mountain Mine, British Columbia, Canada [PDF]

Copper Mountain Mine Tailings Dam Breach Assessment [PDF]

Industry Profile – Global Tailings Consultant – Expert in Responsible Mine Tailings Management

Teck Announces Second Quarter 2022 Financial Results

Ausenco Expert Luis Paredes Offering Expertise on Tailings Facilities in Chile

ANCOLD Tailings Dam Operators Forum 2022 – Less than 3 Weeks to Go


Golder/WSP Discuss Limitations of Classic Constitutive Soil Models and Their Suitability to Represent Tailings Behaviour

Global Magnitude-Frequency Statistics of the Failures and Impacts of Large Mine Tailings Impoundments

Assessing Water Quality of Paraopeba River (Minas Gerais, Brazil) after the Rupture of Tailings Dam

Assessing the Long-Term Erosional Stability of Valley Fill Designs

Evapotranspiration Covers at Uranium Mill Tailings Sites

Numerical Analysis of Stability and Serviceability of Creeping Tailings Heaps

A Novel Method for Predicting the Geochemical Composition of Tailings with Laboratory Field and Hyperspectral Airborne Data

Recycling of Phosphate Tailings to Prepare a High Value-Added Magnesium Oxysulfate Cement

Potential of Alkaline Gold Mine Tailings to Treat and Prevent Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Formation [PDF]

The Acute Toxicity of Bitumen-influenced Groundwaters from Oil Sands Tailings to Aquatic Organisms

Study on Tailings Cementation by Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP)

Subsoil and Surface Soil Constraints of Mined Land and Tailings

Mine Tailings-Based Geopolymers

Prediction of the Mechanical Performance of Cemented Tailings Backfill Using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Measurement [PDF]


Harmony Gold Seeking Project Manager for Tailings Storage Facilities

GHD Seeking Technical Director – Dams and Tailings (Salary Range $210k ~ $228k)

Hatch Seeking Senior Tailings Engineer


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