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Vale Fined $17m for Brumadinho Tailings Dam Disaster

Vale Signs Deal with Brazilian Prosecutors to Bolster Tailings Dam Management

Clean TeQ Water Strengthens Technology Portfolio with Agreement for Innovative Mine Tailings Dewatering Technology

AVA Montajes and Hatch Successfully Complete Construction of World’s Largest Tailings Thickener

Suncor New Technology to Reduce Water Use and Tailings Volumes

Programmable Dredgers the Answer to Pumping Tailings from Tailings Dams

Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Plant Plans to Recultivate the Tailings Storage and Dam of the Pokrovska Mine

Phoenix Tailings on a Mission to be the World’s First Clean Mining and Metals Production Company
Phoenix Tailings says it has developed a pollution-free way to refine metals from tailings
Phoenix Tailings, is building technology to enable the recycling and re-mining of Bauxite Residue (“Red Mud”) – a hazardous by-product in the aluminum

Landscape Integration and Rehabilitation Model for Mine Tailings. Pilot Implementation in Huasco, Atacama

Eduardo Salfate to Deliver Tailings Insights at IMARC 2022 (2-4 November, 2022)

DIGITAL MASTERCLASS – Executive Essentials: Tailings Risk & Governance: Course date: 29 September 2022

Province Approves Mining Company’s Request to Raise Tailings Dam Wall

St Barbara Releases FY2023 Guidance Following Approval of Touquoy Tailings Lift

Environmental Desulfurization of Mine Tailings Using Froth Flotation

Waste from the Guatemalan Cerro Blanco mine could reach Lake Guija in El Salvador

Canada’s Oil Sands Sector Aims to Release Treated Tailings Water into River


Application of a Critical State Model to the Merriespruit Tailings Dam Failure

Influences of Tailings Dam Rupture on Spatiotemporal Variation in Fish of a Tropical River

Tailings Dams: Assessing the Long-Term Erosional Stability of Valley Fill Designs


High Value-Added Resource Treatment of Antimony Tailings: Preparation of High-Strength Lightweight Foam Concrete Materials

Study on Mechanical Properties of Cemented Tailings Backfill with High Fly Ash Content

Bricks Development from Mine Tailings, Clay Minerals and Zeolites for Air Pollution Adsorption


Position for Director, Mine Tailings at SNC-Lavalin


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