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BHP Raises Provision for Brazilian Dam Disaster by US$2.8b

Gold Mine Tailings Disaster in Turkey at Mine owned by US-based Canadian SRR Mining Poses International Public Health Risk

SSR Mining Provides an Update on Tailings Incident at Turkey Mine

New Additive Holds Promise for Dealing with Tailings
Nanotechnology offers a ground-breaking solution for managing mine tailings, addressing both environmental and structural concerns. By mixing the powder into the tailings, it facilitates the creation of a hydrophobic solid material with remarkable compressive strength surpassing that of concrete. However, the true innovation lies in its ability to encapsulate, bind, and sequester heavy metals and other toxins present in the tailings.
This green technology effectively prevents the leaching of contaminants into groundwater and soil, thereby mitigating the environmental risks associated with traditional tailings management methods. By immobilizing the toxins within the solidified matrix, the treated tailings become inert and no longer pose a threat to surrounding ecosystems.  In addition to its environmental benefits, the enhanced structural integrity provided by the solidified tailings offers long-term stability and durability. This dual functionality makes Pro-Seal ECCO’s nanotechnology a highly promising solution for sustainable mine waste management, offering a comprehensive approach to both environmental protection and resource utilization.


Free Computer Vision Software to Image, Identify and Map Tailings Storage Facilities

Australian Scientists Publish Special Publication on Ecological Rehabilitation of Mine Tailings [PDF]

BacTech Revolutionizes Metal Extraction and Bioremediation of Tailings: Harnessing Microbes for a Sustainable Future

Unseen Costs of Copper Mining: Groundwater Contamination in Northern Sweden

The Potential of Bacterial Diversity in Mining Tailings for Metal Removal


Strength Properties of Sedimentary Tailings with Different Contents of Fine Particles and the Seepage Damage Risk of Tailings Dams

Iron Ore Tailings as a New Product: A Review-Based Analysis of its Potential Incorporation Capacity by the Construction Sector

When Another One Bites the Tailings Dust: Environmental impact of global copper demand on local communities in the Atacama mining hotspot as registered by tree rings

Tailings Behaviour Assessment Using Piezocone Penetration Test [PDF]

Free Computer Vision Software to Image, Identify and Map Tailings Storage Facilities

Cyclic Liquefaction in Transitional and Non-Transitional Tailings

Assessment of Environmental Pollution and Human Health Risks of Mine Tailings in Soil: After Dam Failure of the Córrego do Feijão Mine (in Brumadinho, Brazil)

Performance and Heavy Metal Analysis of Graphite Tailings Cured Using Cementitious Materials

Accumulation and Risk Assessment of Mercury in Soil as Influenced by Mercury Mining/Smelting in Southwest China

Sustainable assessment and synergism of ceramic powder and steel slag in iron ore tailings-based concrete

Evaluation of heavy metal speciation distribution in soil around a tailings dam and the accumulation characteristics in wild plants
Cd is the most prominent heavy metal element in the abandoned land around polymetallic tailings in arid and semi-arid areas.

Isolation and identification of metallotolerant bacteria in mine tailings with a potential biotechnological application


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