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BREAKING NEWS – Golder Associates Sold to WSP

United Nations Publishes Video on Mine Tailings Safety (Video)

BHP Loses Bid to Limit Shareholder Claims in Dam Disaster Class Action

Vale Opens Plant to Make Mining Waste Into Construction Products

Green Mining: Technical Study of Off-shore Tin Mining Using Cutter Suction Dredger and Geotube Embankments

Recycling Lepidolite from Tantalum–Niobium Mine Tailings by a Combined Magnetic–Flotation Process Using a Novel Gemini Surfactant: From Tailings Dams to the “Bling” Raw Material of Lithium


Printable Properties of Cementitious Material Containing Copper Tailings for Extrusion Based 3D Printing

Using Innovation to Fix Innovation in Tailings

Dry-Stacked Tailings Test Work Boost for Los Andes Copper’s Vizcachitas Project


Rheological, Mechanical and Hydration Properties of Cement Paste Blended With Iron Tailings

Production of Mine Wastes (Tailings) Based Geopolymers – A Critical Review

Preparation and Property of Construction Bricks Using Manganese Tailing Residues


Study Published on Soil to Plant Transfer of Radioactive Uranium, Radium and Thorium from Tailings-Contaminated Soil

First Year After the Brumadinho Tailings’ Dam Collapse: Spatial and seasonal variation of trace elements in sediments, fishes and macrophytes from the Paraopeba River, Brazil


Tailings Dams Failures Insurance Perspective

New Technology Assists with Insurance Processes for TSFs

Research on Physical and Mechanical Indexes of Acidified Tailings Particles

Objections Letter to Tailings Proposal

Gold Tailings Retreatment Offers an Environmental Solution


Specialist Australia Contractor for Building Tailings Dams and Tailing Dam ‘Lifts’


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