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Brazil’s Vale Declares Force Majeure (BREAKING NEWS)

Audit of Burst Brazil Tailings Dam Raised Concerns over Drainage, Monitoring (BREAKING NEWS)

Brazil Set to Ban Upstream Tailings Dams After Collapse Kills Hundreds (BREAKING NEWS)

Vale Shares Plunge After WSJ Says Inspectors Gave Warning Before Dam Collapse (BREAKING NEWS)

Court Orders Vale To Stop Using Tailings Dams As Death Toll Climbs Above 120 (BREAKING NEWS)

‘Overflowing’ Fears at Townsville Nickel Plant Dams Drops as Rain Slows (BREAKING NEWS)

Brazilian Court Shutters Vale Tailings Dams, Denting Output (BREAKING NEWS)

ExcelPlas Labs Offer Free Service for Testing and Characterizing Tailings (Elemental Analysis and Particle Size Distribution) (Special Offer)

Researcher identified Failure Points in Vale Tailings Dam Using Particle Image Velocimetry [PIV]

Dry Tailings Storage – A New Approach in Tailings Risk Management

Sucking Up Tailings with a Remote Control Dredger

Causes and Environmental Impact of the Gold-tailings Dam Failure

HGM to Build New Large New Tailings Dam in Guildford, Tasmania

BHP, Vale Fnalise Samarco Dam Disaster Compensation

Effectiveness of Geomembranes in Tailings Storage Facilities (Special Feature)

An Open Discussion: Innovations in Tailings Water Management (November 8th , 2018)

Study of Tailings Management Technologies

Mini-Dredgers Offer Solution for Backfilling of Tailings into Mine Stopes

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