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Tailings Dam Burst Victims Seek Revision of Vale’s Settlement Deal (Breaking News)

Video Webinar by Andrew Witte (Klohn) on Tailings Management for Engineers

Seismic Stability of Coal Tailings Dams with Spatially Variable and Liquefiable Coal Tailings Using Pore Pressure Plasticity Models

Introduction to Special Issue on Tailings Storage: Challenges and Technologies

Methodology For Automated Monitoring Of Induced Vibrations In Tailings Dams Built Upstream

Mincore Delivers Fully Integrated Solution for Tailings Management

Tailings Recovery, Tailings Reprocessing and Tailings Recycling Made Easy with Robotic Dredgers Made in Melbourne Tailings Dredger Rio Tinto.pdf

SRK Announces Three New Principal Engineering Consultants for Tailings Work (Breaking News)

Gypsum Amendment Induced Rapid Pyritization in Fe-Rich Mine Tailings from Fundão Tailings Dam Collapse

Trace Element Contaminants Associated Historic Gold Tailings in Sediments of Tailings Dams Across South Africa

Geofabrics Launch Dedicated Mining and Tailings Site

Ecophysiological Responses of Evergreen Rainforest Trees Grown in Mining Tailings Under Lower Water Availability

Video on BHP Tailings Challenge


Podcast with Nick Kent from KCB Brisbane (episode 55) he is a Young Engineer Discussing his work on Filtered Tailings

Interview of Pete Kowalewski from Tierra Group International on Tailings Management


ANCOLD Tailings Dam Operators Forum 13-14TH May 2021 Still Has Speaker Positions Available

‘NWPCAD011 Inspect and Report on Embankment Dam Safety’


GHD Seeking Civil Engineer – Dams & Tailings

Wood Seeking Principal Geotechnical Engineer for Tailings Dam


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