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Using Geomembrane Liners to Reduce Seepage through the Base of Tailings Ponds—A Review and a Framework for Design Guidelines [PDF]

TenCate Blog Bites : Bite #1: Here is 1 of 4 Reasons why Mining Operators Approve Geotube® Dewatering

SAVE THE DATE – TAILINGS AND MINE WASTE’21 (November 7-10, 2021)

How to Prevent Flow Failures in Tailings Dams (Special Feature)

Atico Reports Stoppage and Fix After Tailings Discharge (Breaking News)

Seepage Field Characteristic and Stability Analysis of Tailings Dam Under Action of Chemical Solution

Design and Construction of a Tailings Dam over an Ancient Tailings Facility at La Parrilla Mine

RST’s Advanced Technology Treats and Rehabilitates Tailings Dams at Mines and Power Plants

Design of a Three-Dimensional Earth Pressure Device and its Application in a Tailings Dam Construction Simulation Experiment

UNECE launches Online Toolkit and Training for Strengthening Mine Tailings Safety


Severe Service Knife Gate Valves (SSKGV) for Tailings and Mining Waste Backfill

Earthlok™ Geosynthetic-Reinforced Concrete Armour Resists Wave Action Erosion

Golder Underground Paste Plant Helps Indonesian Mine Fit Into Mountainous Terrain


An Introduction to Tailings Facilities (Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, SME)

Weir Minerals Provides Tailings Management Flexibility with Mobile Pumphouses

An Overview of Conventional Tailings Dam Geotechnical Failure Mechanisms

Gypsum Amendment Induced Rapid Pyritization in Fe-Rich Mine Tailings from Fundão Tailings Dam Collapse

Trace Element Contaminants Associated Historic Gold Tailings in Sediments of Tailings Dams Across South Africa


BHP Seeking Head of Tailings Excellence

MLG Oz Pty Ltd Seeking Project Manager – Tailings Dam/Rehabilitation Projects

Rio Tinto Seeking Closure Manager for Tailings Dams and Mines

Teck Seeking Tailings Engineer,-Qualified-Professional-BC/715793600/


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