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Knight Piésold Releases Its Engineer of Record Guidelines for Tailings Facilities (Breaking News) 2021 – EORServicesGuidelineEnglish.pdf

Major Asset Managers to Ramp Up Engagement with Mining Companies Over Tailings Safety

Fundão Tailings Dam Failure in Brazil: Evidence of a Population Exposed to High Levels of Al, As, Hg, and Ni After a Human Biomonitoring Study

Three Years Later: Deadly Mining Disaster Still Tests Vale and Mining Towns Live in Fear of Another Dam Collapse

Jubilee Platinum Moves into Copper Through Aussie Tailings Deal

Samarco to Add Revenue, Hit Output Goal Sooner After Vale Deal

NT Ranger Mine Rehabilitation to Cost Nearly $2Billion


Weir Delivers Industry-leading Tailings Management – Solutions for Mining And Aggregates

New Potash Mine will Slash Water Use and Eliminate Tailings Waste, says CEO

Call for Abstracts for Tailings2022 (6-8 July 2022)

Sneak Peak of Abstracts for Tailings2022 (6-8 July 2022)

Carlos Hubner of First Quantum Minerals Discussing Water and Tailings Management under Different Operational and Site Conditions

NEW BOOK: Tailings Management Handbook (Hardcover) (2022)

Dr. Marcelo Llano from Red Earth Engineering (REE) Presents English and Portuguese Versions of a Webinar about Tailings Dam Breach Analysis Developments
The seminar title in English is “Breaching the gap between geotechnical and hydraulic engineering to improve tailings dam breach studies through large deformation modelling”.  The English version was presented as part of the seminar series for the Queensland Tailings Group in Australia, and the Portuguese version was a Webinar presented for the graduate course of geotechnical engineering at the Federal University of Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Links to the content are available in the links below:

Red Earth Engineering Congratulate Lynas Rare Earths on their approval for the Kalgoorlie Rare Earth Processing Facility
We are proud to have played a small part in this successful submission providing independent third-party review of the tailings infrastructure.

New Studies Added to Dam Failure Website in 2022

Tender for the Supply of Tailings Storage Facility | DRC

Certification Industry: the Case of the Brumadinho Dam Break (Video)

Gensource Potash Mine Eliminates Tailings

Silver Mine Installs Pilot Plant to Process Tailings

Fayalite Tailings Pond – Sweco

Concentrate and Tailings Dewatering for Base and Precious Metals

TNA Advertising Works with Incredible Reach! – Download Media Kit in PDF Format


Cloud-based Monitoring of Tailings Dams

Catalogue of Real-time Instrumentation and Monitoring Techniques for Tailings Dams

DamPulse™ Heads the List of Tailings Dam Monitoring Solutions


Production of ‘Green’ Eco-friendly Bricks from Low-Reactive Copper Mine Tailings: Chemical and Mechanical Aspects

Recycling of Low-Silicate Iron Tailings in the Production of Lightweight Building Materials

Recovery of Metals from Mine Wastes: The Effect of Biochar–Fe Composites in the Immobilization of Arsenic

Video Presentation – Gold Mine Tailings Utilization for Waste Reduction and Socioeconomic Benefits

Selected Performance of Alkali-Activated Mine Tailings as Cementitious Composites: A Review


Procedure for Assessing the Liquefaction Vulnerability of Tailings Dams

Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals and Arsenic in Maize Grown Close to Mine Tailings Strongly Impacts Plant Development

Arsenic(V) Immobilization in Lead-Zinc Mine Tailing-based Geopolymer: Performance and Mechanism Insight

Role of Hypochlorite in the Harmless Treatment of Cyanide Tailings Through Slurry Electrolysis

Flocculation of Clay-Based Tailings: Differences of Kaolin and Sodium Montmorillonite in Salt Medium [PDF]

Chemical-physical Characterization of Tailings Subjected to An Innovative Aging Technique

Effect of Tamping Conditions on the Shear Strength of Tailings

Drainage Chemistry of Mine Tailings from a Carbonatite-Hosted Nb-REE Deposit in Québec, Canada


Paterson & Cooke Seeking Tailings Process Engineer/Project Manager (Golden, Colorado)

Wood Seeking Tailings Engineer for Perth

AECOM Seeking Senior Tailings Engineer

GHD Seeking Tailings Engineer for Queensland

GHD Seeking Senior Dams Engineer – Tailings

Rio Tinto Seeking Tailings Engineer for Far North Queensland

Rio Tinto Hiring Tailings Engineer for Weipa Queensland

Rio Tinto Seeking Senior Tailings Geotechnical Engineer

Rapid Dam Contractors Seeking Project Manager – Earthworks and Civil (Tailings Dams)

Wood Hiring Tailings Engineer for Perth Role


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