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ICMM Issues Tailings Management Good Practice Guide

New ICMM Training Material to Support Continual Improvement in the Safe and Transparent Management of Tailings

IAI Updates Sustainable Bauxite Mining Guidelines to Elaborate on Tailings Management
The International Aluminium Institute recently updated its Sustainable Bauxite Mining Guidelines to elaborate on tailings management

New Video on Tailings and Geosynthetics [VIDEO]

Australian Mining Companies and Geotechnical Businesses Eligible for Funding Up to A$32,000 per Employee to Train and Hire New and Current Employees

Study on HDPE Geomembrane in Arsenic-Bearing Tailings [PDF]

Red Seas and No Fish: Nickel Mining Takes its Toll on Indonesia’s Spice Islands

Barrick Gold Announces Tailings Dam at Dominican Mine

Barrick Gold Near Pueblo Viejo Tailings Decision

Preventing Tailings Dam Failure with Satellite InSAR Monitoring
Glencore enters partnership with TreAltamira to expand satellite monitoring across its Tailings Storage

Pan African’s Tailings Retreatment Acquisition Strategy Compelling

EnviroGold Global Executes Binding, Definitive Agreement to Reprocess Tailings

NT Government Allows McArthur River Mine to Keep Expanding and Raise Height of Tailings Dam

DRDGOLD is a World Leader in the Recovery of Gold from the Retreatment of Surface Tailings

DRDGOLD Hits Roadblock after Dept of Water Frustrates R1bn Tailings Facility Proposal

Rio Tinto Seeking Tailings Engineer


Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecotoxicity of Iron Ore Tailings After the Failure of VALE S.A Mining Dam in Brumadinho (Brazil)

Mechanism of Failure of the Mount Polley Tailings Storage Facility

Tailings Dam Failures: A Historical Analysis of the Risk

Using Space Surveys for Modelling Tailing Dam Spills

Technical Assessment of Secondary Sedimentation Process in Copper Sulphide Tailings with the Presence of Clays, in Continental and Sea Water

Magnetization Roasting of Waste Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant Tailings Using Sawdust Biomass; A Novel Approach to Produce Metallurgical Grade Pellets


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