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Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) Seeking Tailings Engineer for Gladstone, Queensland

St Barbara is Shedding its Nova Scotia Gold Mine, Leaving a Litany of Environmental Concerns

Australian Gold Mine Pays Heavy Price for Tailings Dam Dithering

Emergency Preparedness and Response for Tailings Storage Facilities

Hydro Alunorte to Build Bauxite Tailings Processing Plant in Brazil

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McLanahan Acquires Tailings Treatment Company Diefenbach

MMG Seeking Tailings Project Study Lead for $152K

Chile to Host Tailings 2023 (June 14-16, 2023)

AngloGold Ices Gold Concentrate at Cuiabá While Strengthening Tailings Dam Wall

Review of Modern Recommendations for Monitoring of Tailings Storage Facilities

Monitoring the Risk of a Tailings Dam Collapse Through Spectral Analysis of Satellite InSAR Time-Series Data [PDF]

Identification of Victims of the Collapse of a Mine Tailing Dam in Brumadinho

Environmental Exposure to Uranium in a Population Living in Close Proximity to Gold Mine Tailings in South Africa

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Characterizing Reactivity of Ultramafic Minerals and Tailings in British Columbia for Carbon Capture and Storage [PDF]

Proactive Control Model for Safety Prediction in Tailing Dam Management: Applying Graph Depth Learning Optimization

A Comparative Study on the Stability Analysis of Tailings Pond Embankments Under Transient and Steady-State Seepage Conditions

Assessing the Occurrence of Heavy Metals in Edible Fruits Grown Around Mine Tailings Dam in Zambia

Alumina Extraction from Tailings
The tailings of some mines contain large amounts of aluminosilicate. The high volume of these tailings and problems with storage and disposal of them have created a motive to process and produce alumina from them.

Influence of Acid Mine Drainage Leakage from Tailings Ponds on the Soil Quality of Desert Steppe in the Northwest Arid Region

New Standard Digs Deep into Mining Impacts

Investigation of Heavy Metal Levels in Tin Mine Wastes and the Implication to Mine Closure Plan: A Case Study of Rutongo Mine, Rwanda

Leaching of Arsenopyrite Contained in Tailings Using the Thiourea-Oxalate Process

Experimental Study on Dynamic Behaviour of Polyacrylamide-Reinforced Tailings

Evaluation of the Danger of a Tailings Pile Belonging to an Active Mine Through its Characterization and a Dispersion Model

Evaluation of Strength Parameters for Application in Cemented Iron Ore Tailings Stacks

Decanter Centrifuge for Dewatering Bauxite Tailings

Release Mechanism and Stabilization Effect of Sb and As: A Case Study of the Antimony Mine in Karst Area, Southwestern China,157574,0,2.html

3D Geostatistical Modelling of a Tailings Storage Facility: Resource Potential and Environmental Implications

A Tailing Dump as Industrial Deposit; Study of the Mineralogical Composition of Tailing Dump

Use of Quartz Tailings in Cement Mortars Production


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