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Expert Panel Discussion on ‘Global Acceleration of Tailings Expertise’ (30th March 2023 (MST) and 31st March 2023 (AWST))
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Tailings Dam Failures Often Stem from ‘Production Over Safety’ Pressures, Says Academic

Agenda Item: Tailings – Sector Cannot Afford Another Disaster

AngloGold Trims Output Forecast as It Suspends Brazil Tailings
• Miner is strengthening tailings facility at Calcinados
• AngloGold’s profit slumped 52% to $297 million last year

BREAKING NEWS – Dramatic Video of Mine Collapse in China

Global Dam Tracker: A Database of More than 35,000 Dams with Location, Catchment, and Attribute Information

ALCOA Pulls Out of High Purity Aluminium (HPA) JV with FYI Resources Despite Spending More Than US$5 million on Stage One Development

Alcoa Seeking Senior Tailings Engineer for Kwinana, WA

Tailings Dam Break Flood Modelling Using Unique RiverFlow2D Capabilities

SRK Case Study – Buriticá Dry Stack Tailings Storage Facility

Cadia Hill Locks in New Tailings Storage Recommissioning Project

David Suzuki Says Miners Putting Profit Before Life is a Recipe for Disaster


An Underexploited Invisible Gold Resource in the Sulphides of the South African Tailings Dumps

Studies on the Enrichment Feasibility of Rare Earth-Bearing Minerals in Mine Tailings

Investigation of Graphite Tailings as a Substitute for Filler in Asphalt Mastics

Metal Exposure in a Child Population After a Mine Tailings Dam Failure – Projeto Bruminha

Transport and Distribution of Residual Nitrogen In Ion-Adsorption Rare Earth Tailing

Investigation of Heavy Metal Levels in Tin Mine Wastes and the Implication to Mine Closure Plan

Cement-Enhancing Mechanical Behaviour of Tailings Behind Upstream Tailings Dam for Safe Decommissioning

Experimental Study on Dam Damage and Radon Precipitation in Uranium Tailing Ponds Based on Impact Loading Effects

Emerging Mercury and Methylmercury Contamination from Small Tailings Ponds and Small-Scale Gold Mining along the Nile Valley, Egypt

Development of a Combined Technology for Producing Base Gold Alloy from Tailings


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