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ICMM Members to Reveal Progress on Implementing Tailings Standard in August

Vale Hits ICMM’s GISTM Target for Tailings Storage Facilities

Indonesian Court Revokes DPM Mine Approval Over Tailings Fears
A panel of judges at the Jakarta State Administrative Court have ruled against Dairi Prima Mineral (DPM), a subsidiary of China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction (NFC).

MIRARCO Receives Grant from MICA Network to Support Tailings Bioleaching

BHP and Vale Square Off in London Court Over Samarco Tailings Disaster

BHP Demands that Vale Joins $44bn Tailings Dam Collapse Lawsuit

Ballarat Council Approves 43-hectare Gold Mine Tailings Dam Amid Residents’ health Risk Fears

Hudbay Hiring Australian company in effort to Pull Valuable Minerals Out of the Flin Flon tailings Facility
The company has entered a test work agreement with Cobalt Blue Holdings, an Australia-based mining company. The deal will see Cobalt Blue using an in-house, proprietary processing technology on tailings from Flin Flon and determining whether minerals like gold, silver, copper, zinc or cobalt can be produced from concentrate pulled from the tailings.

Ares Strategic Mining Completes Tailings Storage Facility Design

Victims of Brazil Dam Disaster Accuse Mining Giant BHP of ‘Environmental Racism’

Knight Piésold Complete PFS for Tailings Dam at Côte d’Ivoire Project
Knight Piésold Consulting carried out a prefeasibility study of the site infrastructure for Doropo including a tailing storage facility (TSF)​, water storage/harvest dam, airstrip and haul access road. The TST has been designed in accordance with the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management and the Australian National Committee on Large Dams guidelines.

Tailings Management Regulations Critical Aspect of MPRDA Review


Performance of ‘Green’ Concrete Containing Iron Tailings Sand

Study on Eco-Friendly Mortar Mixtures Containing Scheelite Tailings and Quartzite Sand

Estimating Environmental and Cultural/Heritage Damages of a Tailings Dam Failure: The Case of the Fundão Dam Failure in Brazil

Assessment of the Uranium Ore Tailings (UOT) Impact on Surface Water Contamination: Case Study

Ground Geophysical Measurements Made on Mine-Tailings in Sweden. Case Studies and Lessons Learnt

Environmental Planning and Risk Assessments of Dams Failures

Stability of Tailings Dam Constructed by both Upstream and Centerline Methods

Ballarat Council Approves 43-hectare Gold Mine Tailings Dam Amid Residents’ health Risk Fears


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