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Brazil Prosecutors Appeal to Supreme Court in Collapsed Dam Case

Heavy Rains in Brazil Shut Down Giant Iron Mines, Raise Concerns Over Tailings Dams

Fears Rise About Condition of Brazil Tailings Dams

Webinar – Geotechnical Issues of Tailings Dams (20th January 2022)

Simberi Deep-Sea Tailings Pipe Fixed

Luna Develops New Monitoring Solution for Tailings Dams

Compacted Filtered Tailings Disposal by Stacking

Hudbay Looks to Tailings Reprocessing as 777 Mine Winds Down

Transportation, Infrastructure, Tailings, and Water Management- Tetra Tech

Performance of a Tailings Dam in a Highly Seismic Environment


Application of Distributed Acoustic Sensing Within a Tailings Dam Warning System [PDF]

Tailings Dam Monitoring – Terra15

Luna Develops New Monitoring Solution for Tailings Dams


Recycling of Low-Silicate Iron Tailings in the Production of Lightweight Building Materials

Preparation and Characterization of Waterproof Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Using Molybdenum Tailings as the Raw Materials

Review of Concepts for Gold Recovery from Gold Tailings

Sustainable and Efficient Stabilization/Solidification of Pb, Cr, and Cd in Lead-Zinc Tailings by Using Highly Reactive Pozzolanic Solid Waste

Reutilizing Waste Iron Tailings as Filler in Mortar to Realize Cement Reduction and Strength Enhancement


Using The Norsand Constitutive Model as A Tool In Assessing The Static And Dynamic Stability Of Tailings Slopes Containing Contractive Material

Geophysical Tools to Study the Near-Surface Distribution of the Tailings in the Smaltjärnen Repository, Sweden; a Feasibility Study

New Optimization Understanding of the Removal of Harmful Elements from Gold Tailings: A Review

Employing U-shaped 3D Printed Polymer to Improve Flexural Properties of Cementitious Tailings Backfills


Seeking Senior Tailings Engineer


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