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Vale Expects to Pay $1.65 Billion in Brumadinho Reparations in 2022

Brazil Prosecutors Appeal to Supreme Court in Collapsed Dam Case

Vale Ordered by Prosecutors to Fix 18 Mining Dams After Heavy Rains

Brazil Ministry Notifies Vale to Present Iron Ore Dam Safety Plans Within 10 Days

Brazil Deluge Exposes Vale’s Lingering Tailings Risk Even as Mines Restart

Vale’s Lingering Waste Risk Exposed by Brazil Deluge

Brazil Prosecutors Order Vale to Shore up 18 Mining Dams after Heavy Rains

Another Tailings Dam Failure in Turkey – The Third Failure in Two Months


Vale Publish Research on Behaviour of Compacted Filtered Iron Ore Tailings–Portland Cement Blends: New Brazilian Trend for Tailings Disposal by Stacking [PDF]

Miners in Brazil to Invest Over US$3Billion to Improve Tailings Dam Safety

How Brazilian Miners Could Benefit from Stricter Tailings Dam Controls

BHP Completes Expansion of Chile Tailings Dam

Video Webinar on Geotechnical Issues Associated with The Stability of Tailings Dams (On Demand)

Data Integration of Critical Elements from Tailings & Mine Waste in Mexico, Chile and Australia [PDF]

Modelling of Dam Breach Flows; Past and Future Mine Tailings Dam Cases

Video has Now Emerged Online Showing the Overtopping of the Dam Immediately Downstream of the Pau Branco Landslide in Brazil on 8 January 2022


HeTech ‘Early Warning System’ to Detect Tailings Dam Failures Based on Incipient Ground Movement

CGG launches TailingsPulseTM, a Smart Mine Monitoring Solution for Improving the Management and Safety of Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs)

Optimization of Technological Measures Increasing the Safety of Tailings Pond Dams with the Combined Use of Monitoring Results and Advanced Computational Models [PDF]


Advances in Design and Construction with Geosynthetics for Mine Tailings and Closure Applications by Craig Benson and Timothy Stark (7 June 2022)


Mechanical Properties and Microstructure Evolution of Cemented Tailings Backfill Under Seepage Pressure

Stabilization/Solidification of Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Sludge


BHP Seeking Practice Lead Tailings | Perth Preferred, Brisbane or Adelaide Considered

Newcrest Mining Seeking Tailings Dam Engineer for British Columbia Role


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