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Paterson & Cooke Invites Collaboration on New Tailings Dewatering and Transport and Stacking Technologies

Final Agenda for Global Tailings Summit that will be held at the London Stock Exchange on January 24 and 25, 2023

Measures to Contain Diamond Mine Tailings Breach Complete – Petra

Petra Diamonds Halts Williamson Mine in Tanzania After Tailings Dam Breach

Vale Expects to Pay Out $1.5 billion for Brumadinho Repairs

Judge Sets Date for Multi-Billion-Pound Brazil Dam Lawsuit


Red Earth Engineering (A Geosyntec Company) Announces Capability for Applying Numerical Modelling for Safe, Optimised Tailings Solutions

SLR Consulting Seeking Tailings Engineers for Two Roles

The Catfish Autonomous Dredge System is remote operated and unmanned. This state-of-the-art dredging system is unique to the market and improving the process for high solid pumping.
The submersible sand pump is optimized for: High Production, High Concentration Solids, High Viscosity and Specific Gravity Fluids, High Abrasive and Corrosive Materials
By anchoring 2 cables on land, the system can effectively dredge a large area without any onboard crew making it ideal for tailings dams.
The dredge uses PLC controllers and electronic instrumentation to control the two onboard winches to literally pull itself along a predefined dredging path, raise and lower the pump, and regulate pump RPM. In the SlurryHunter™ mode the dredge automatically seeks out the denser slurry by chasing higher amp draw on the slurry pump thus maximizing production.

Cardia Announces Tailings Dam Fix

CIMIC’s CPB selected for Cadia Tailings Storage Facility Recommissioning Project

Polymer Technology Increases a Mines Life Through Better Tailings Management

Rio Tinto, OZ Minerals and Boliden Select Glycine Leaching Technology to Manage Tailings

EnviroGold to Advance Tailings Reprocessing Technology

Tailings Pond Classification Based on Satellite Images and Machine Learning: An Exploration of Microsoft ML.Net;h=repec:gam:jmathe:v:11:y:2023:i:3:p:517-:d:1039770


New Solution Aims to Effectively Monitor Tailings Facilities from Space

Synspective and Insight Terra Announce Space-Enabled Data and Monitoring Solution for Mine Tailings Facilities Companies to Combine IoT Platform with Satellite SAR Data

Satellite Radar System Targets Tailings Safety

SEC4TD Project (Securing Tailings Dam Infrastructure with an Innovative Monitoring System)


Influence of the Mine Tailings Released in the Córrego do Feijão Mine Disaster on the Water Bodies of Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Micro-Structure and Morphology of Tailings Sand Under Different Oxidation and Acidification Degree

Annual Pulses of Copper-Enriched Sediment in a North American River Downstream of a Large Lake Following the Catastrophic Failure of a Mine Tailings Storage Facility


SLR Consulting Seeking Associate Geotechnical / Mine Waste Engineer (Tailings) – Brisbane

SLR Consulting Seeking Principal Geotechnical / Mine Waste Engineer (Tailings) – Brisbane

Rio Tinto Seeking Senior Advisor Water & Tailings Dams


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