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Russian River Runs Orange After a Catastrophic Mine Spill (Breaking News)

Vale’s Dry Concentration Tailing Dam Holds Promise (Breaking News)

Challenges and Opportunities with Lined Tailings Dams – Geotechnical Engineering

BHP Faces First Step in Record $9 Billion Claim Over Brazil Dam Failure (Breaking News)

‘Unacceptably High’ Risk of Tailings Dam Failure in Canadian miner’s Amazon Project (Breaking News)

Remote Controlled Mini-Dredgers for Gold Tailings Dams (Australian Made)

Remote Controlled Mini-Dredgers for Zinc Tailings Dams (Australian Made)

Remote Controlled Mini-Dredgers for Management of Tailings Dams (Australian Made)

Perspectives on the Prediction of Catastrophic Slope Failures from Satellite InSAR

Influence Of Fundão Tailings Dam Breach on Water Quality in the Doce River Watershed

Eight-Inch Discharge Tailings Slurry Pumps with Controllers for Rent (Australia-Wide)

Tailings Solutions from Red Earth Engineering

QA Session BHP Tailings Challenge Application

Geotube® Dewatering and Containment of Gypsum Wastes at a Titanium Dioxide Plant

Three Universities Launch Tailings Centre of Excellence


Use of an Environmentally Friendly Polymer to Reduce the Water Content in Tailings Slurry

COSIA Tailings Research Report

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