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Australian Company Develops Innovative Metals Recovery and Water Treatment Solutions for Tailings Dams and Mines
The graphite electrode process can treat tailings and water affected by acid mine drainage (AMD)
“An efficient treatment of process/tailings water to recover valuable metals and allow reuse”

Vale Starts ‘Decharacterisation’ Remediation of Tailings Dams

Brazil’s Vale Uses Unmanned Vehicles for Tailings Removal

Programmable Unmanned Equipment for Removal Of Tailings (Australian Design and Built)

Australian Company Develops Mt Lyell Acid Mine Drainage Remediation Solution

Geotube® Directs Fly Ash Slurry Flow Over Mine Tailings in a TSF Slated for Closure

SLR Consulting Assessment Report on Heap Leach Pad for Uranium Mine (Declassified) [PDF]

Enhanced Efficiency in Tailings Treatment with Intelligent Process Control from ANDRITZ

Management of Tailings Storage Facilities (Declassified)

Groundprobe Launches Geohazard Monitoring System for Tailings Dam
The RGR-Velox, which stands for reactive geohazard radar, is a reactive monitoring and alarming system for tailings dam breaches, large slope failures

Golder Associates Awarded Contract for Design a Mine Tailings Facility for Quebec Lithium

Vale is starting activities with unmanned equipment for the removal of tailings from B3/B4 dam, at Mar Azul iron ore mine, in Nova Lima, and Sul Superior dam, at Gongo Soco mine, in Barão de Cocais – both in Minas Gerais
The process is  fully executed with unmanned equipment, operated remotely and safely from a control centre outside the tailings structures

Design Considerations for an Iron Tailings Filtration Plant and Their Conveying and Disposal Systems—design-considerations-for-an-iron-tailings-filtration-plant-and-their-conveying-and-disposal-systems.pdf

Tailings Dam Mitigation Risk Informed Decision Making


Tailings Dam-Break Assessments with RiverFlow2D MT Mud and Tailings Model

Catastrophic Mass Flows Resulting from Tailings Impoundment Failures

Application of Information Technology in Safety Monitoring and Early Warning of Tailings Ponds

Webinar on Modelling a Tailings Dam Break (15th July, 2021)—modelling-tailings-dam-break-41600019-129


Spatial Distribution, Risk Assessment and Source Identification of Pollutants Around Gold Tailings Ponds

Feasibility Evaluation of Replacing River Sand in Mortar Production with Copper Tailings

Pore Structure and Compressive Strength of Tailings Concrete under Dry-Wet Cycles of Chloride Attack

Carbonation, Cementation, and Stabilization of Mine Tailings

Potential of Tungsten Tailings as Glass Raw Materials et al_FINAL.pdf


AECOM Seeking Senior Geotechnical Engineer for Design, Safety Assessments and Construction of High to Extreme Consequence of Failure Embankment Tailings Dams

Perth Role for Geotechnical Engineer – Tailings

Newmont Seeking Principal Engineer, Tailings & Dams


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