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Remining of Closed Tailings Facilities Should be Banned, Rehabilitation Expert Suggests

EVENT – The Social Cost of Tailings Management – Talk by Angelica Amanda Andrade (Thu., 28 July 2022)
The Queensland Tailings Group (QTG) is bringing Angelica Andrade to Brisbane (from Brazil) to share her story about the social impacts and her personal loss associated with the Brumadinho failure

Who is Angelica Amanda Andrade?
Born and raised in the small town of Brumadinho, Brazil, I am an English teacher who had my life devastated on January 25, 2019, when the B1 tailings dam in one of Vale’s mining complexes collapsed, creating a massive wave of toxic mud that destroyed and killed everything in its way.
My sister, Natalia, who worked as an administrative analyst for Vale, was having lunch at the cafeteria at that time with at least another 100 employees. The administrative sector, which included the cafeteria, had been built below the dam and when it burst the sirens, intended to alert the people around and give them a chance to escape, didn’t work.
Few who were there could escape, as they were taken by surprise. Sadly, my sister wasn’t among the survivors.

ICOLD Tailings Dam Safety Bulletin Update

Post-Disaster Recovery Plan for a Rural Settler’s Community Affected by the Fundão Dam Tailings in Brazil

Probability of Tailings Dam Failure Using ALARP
In the paper we use an anonymized case to show how a dam’s probability of failure and risks evolve with its raising. In a second step we explicitly discuss the search for the ALARP risk mitigation level for a specific dam elevation.

Boliden Minerals and VITO – Transformation of Mine Tailings into Cement-Bound Aggregates for Use in Concrete by Granulation in a High-Intensity Mixer

Effect of Subgrade on Tensile Strains in a Geomembrane for Tailings Storage Applications [PDF]

NewAbrasion Resistant Slurry Piping for Tailings Transports

Third Thickener of Sierra Gorda Mining Tailings

Tailings Deposition Expert Fraser Alexander shows its DRC muscle

On Hazardous Mine Tailings Dams, ‘Safety First’ Should be the Rule (Commentary)

Australian-Made Dredgers for Managing Tailings Dams with Belly Pak Remote Controls


An Integrated Management Strategy for Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Control of Sulfidic Tailings

Evaluation of Heavy Metal Contamination in Copper Mine Tailing Soils of Zambia, for Reclamation Prospects

Latest Takraf Video on The Managing And Disposing of Processing Waste Safely And Effectively
We are pleased to release our latest video that shows how implementing a Dry Stack Tailings (DST) solution provides a safe and sustainable alternative to the storage of tailings in impoundments.

Alkali-Hydrothermal Activation of Mine Tailings to Prepare One-Part Geopolymer: Activation Mechanism, Workability, Strength, and Hydration Reaction

Exploring Viscous Effects on Numerical Simulations of Static Liquefaction Triggering

Investigation of Gamma Ray Absorption Levels of Composites Produced from Copper Mine Tailings, Fly Ash, and Brick Dust

Enhancement of Uranium Recycling from Tailings Caused by the Microwave Irradiation-Induced Composite Oxidation of the Fe–Mn Binary System

Physico-Chemical and Micro-Structural Behaviour of Cemented Mine Backfill: Effect of pH in Dam Tailings

Copper Recovery from Tailings Through Bioleaching and Further Application of Bioleached Tailings Residue: Comprehensive Utilization of Tailings

Study on Mine Tailings Classification Effected by Co-disposal of Drilling Wastes with Geochemical Cations

Mortar Designed from Red Mud with Iron Tailings and Moulded by 3D Printing

Green Geopolymers with Copper Tailings for Marine Environments


Phu-Bia Mining Seeking Senior Tailings Engineer

Wood Seeking Senior Geotechnical Engineer for Tailings /Mine Waste


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