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Tailings Dam Failure at the Rio Tinto QMM Mine in Madagascar Causes Chaos

Second Version of Safety First: Guidelines for Responsible Mine Tailings Management Released Last Week, at a Press Conference in South Africa [PDF]

Tailings Dam Ruptures Still Happen Even with Industry Standards, Say Critics

Tailings Dams Must Get Community Consent, Ensure Zero Harm – Report – Reuters

Mining Industry Standard Failing to Make Waste Dams Safe
New report shows tailings dam failures increasing in frequency and severity

Development of a Geospatial Database of Tailing Storage Facilities in Australia Using Satellite Images

Static Liquefaction: Lessons Learned, Risks Still Taken, Making Ethical Technical Decisions (Webinar 6th June 2022)


How Engineers Can Help Improve the Safety of Mine Tailing Dams (by Roy Mayfield, BGC Engineering)

Regional Distribution and Causes of Global Mine Tailings Dam Failures

Remote-Control Autonomous Robots to Remove Tailings from Tailings Dams

New Study Reveals Details Regarding Effects of Mount Polley Mine Disaster

Tapping Mineral Wealth in Mining Waste Could Offset Damage from New Green Economy Mines

Mine Waste Leaves Toxic Legacies in South Africa – And International Launch of Tailings Report

Top 10 Guidelines for Safe Mining Tailings Management

Stability Analysis of Downstream Dam Expansion Tailings Pond

Geochemical Characteristics of Tailings from Typical Metal Mining Areas in Tibet Autonomous Region


Field Experiments of Phyto-Stabilization, Biochar-Stabilization, and Their Coupled Stabilization of Soil Heavy Metal Contamination around a Copper Mine Tailing Site [PDF]

Empirical Model with Risk Assessment to Simulate and Evaluate the Tailings Dam Failure in Brumadinho [PDF]

Experimental Study on the Hydraulic Characteristics of Tailings Dams through Large-Scale Particle Velocimetry

The Effect of Strain Rate on the Zinc Tailing Behaviour in Monotonic Triaxial Testing


Mine Tailings-Based Geopolymers: A Comprehensive Review

Application of Iron Tailings-Based Composite Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) in Green Concrete

New Book Chapter – ‘Utilization of Mine Waste’

New Book Chapter – ‘Iron Ore Mine Waste and Tailings as Aggregates in Concrete’

New Book Chapter – ‘Utilization of Iron Ore Tailings in Bricks’


Karara Mining Seeking Tailings Dam Operator Maintainer

AECOM Seeking Senior Tailings Engineer

GHD Seeking Tailings Dam Engineers

Rio Tinto Seeking Responsible Dam Engineer, Gove (Principal-Level)


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