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ArcelorMittal Reaches Compensation Deal in Brazil for Vulnerable Tailings Dam

AUSIMM Workshop ‘Considerations for Modelling the Stability of Tailings Embankments’ (12 July 2023)

SLR Consulting Seeking Associate/Principal Geotechnical/Mine Waste Engineer (Tailings)

Seismic Performance of Chilean Tailings Sand Dams [PDF]

Copper Mountain Mine Infuriates Upper and Lower Similkameen; Hudbay Acquisition Raises Serious Concern

Stability Analysis of Existing Tailings Storage Facilities Heightening with the Upstream Construction Method, Susceptible to Static and Dynamic Liquefaction [PDF]

New Study Examines Mining Tailings Dumps and Socio-Territorial Inequalities in Chile


First Assessment of Atmospheric Pollution by Trace Elements and Particulate Matter after a Severe Collapse of a Tailings Dam, Minas Gerais, Brazil: An Insight into Biomonitoring with Tillandsia Usneoides and a Public Health Dataset

Reclaiming Abandoned Mine Tailings Ponds for Agricultural Use: Opportunities and Challenges

Prediction of Gold Associated Mineral Worth in Gold Tailings Using a Mathematically Driven Artificial Neural Network Technique of Gold.pdf

Evaluation of Different Protection Systems to Control the Geomembrane Deformations in Liner Applications

OpenSees Analysis of a Tailings Storage Facility in Southern Tuscany (Italy)

Study on the Feasibility of Partial Replacement of Cement with Iron Ore Tailings (IOT) in Extruded Concrete Roof Tiles Production


Conference Program Announced for MINE WASTE AND TAILINGS Conference 2023

The Use of AI in Tailings Dam Maintenance

Ballarat Gold Mine Tailings Dam TSF4 Described as “An Antiquated and Dangerous Method of Dealing with Tailings”
Community Consultation to Follow Health Impact Assessment

Sibanye Stillwater Buys New Century Zine Mine Tailings Re-treatment Project in North-West Queenslan

Slurry Pump Innovation: Increasing the Cost-Effectiveness of Oil Sands Tailings Management

Tailings Promise to Unlock New Minerals

Rio Tinto Permitting Moves Forward, Gets Responsibility for Tailings Dams

Best Practices for Operation & Maintenance of Tailings Storage Facilities for Wastewater Treatment

Tailings Dams: The Environmental Risks and Failures Management

Dirty Dozen 2023 Report: B.C.’s Top Polluting and Risky Mines

InSAR and Tailings: Scratching the Surface

Featuring the Future Webinar: Analysis of Sentinel-1 InSAR Data to Monitor Performance of Tailings Dams

Managing Tailings Dam Wall Failure Risks with Proactive Groundwater Management


SLR Consulting Seeking Associate/Principal Geotechnical/Mine Waste Engineer (Tailings)

Freeport-McMoRan Seeking Tailings Dam Operator

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