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Mini-Dredgers Roll Out World-First Autonomous SlurryCat® Technology for Tailings Management


Anglo American HDS Technology: Changing the Conversation on Tailings Management

Enhancing Tailings Dam Safety: The Role of AI in Predicting Failures

VALE – Machine Learning Applied to Control Levels and Anomaly Detection in Tailing Dam Monitoring Data

Registration Opens – Tailings and Mine Waste Conference Series

Brazil’s Samarco Marks Milestone on Road to Recovering Full Capacity

Cobalt Blue Holdings Ltd in Tailings Testing Agreement with Canadian Producer Hudbay Minerals

Lining a Tailings Facility on the Roof of the World

Critical State of Swedish Tailings – Study by Sweco and Klohn

SKR Flow Liquefaction and Large Deformation Analysis in a Tailings Dam Using MPM and Critical State-Base

Impacts of a Tailings Dam Failure on Water Quality in The Doce River: The Largest Environmental Disaster In Brazil

SLR Consulting Seeking Associate/Principal Geotechnical/Mine Waste Engineer (Tailings)


Preliminary Assessment of Potential Pollution Risks in Soils: Case Study of the Córrego do Feijão Mine Dam Failure (Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Ecological Engineering of Iron Ore Tailings (IOT)into Useable Soils for Sustainable Rehabilitation

Heavy Metals Pollution Characteristics and Systemic Risk Assessment of the Environment Around the Tailings Site

Use of Tailings in Roads & Pavements
Viability of Asphalt Mixtures with Iron Ore Tailings (IOT) as a Partial Substitute for Fine Aggregate

Evaluation of the Danger of a Tailings Pile Belonging to an Active Mine Through its Characterization and a Dispersion Model

Impacts of Mining Pollution on Coastal Ecosystems: is Fish Body Condition a Reliable Indicator?

Experimental Study on New Cement-Based Grouting Material for Iron Tailing Sand

Overview of Glycine Glycat Leaching for Gold Tailings

Vanadium Mobilization and Redistribution During Mineral Transformation of Vanadium-Titanium Magnetite Tailings


CMOC-Northparkes Mines hiring Manager Tailings Facilities in Parkes,  New South Wales

SLR Consulting Seeking Associate/Principal Geotechnical/Mine Waste Engineer (Tailings)


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