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Vale Continues Tailings Dam Decommissioning

Mine Tailings Dams Threaten the Environment, Even When They Don’t Fail

New Tailings Standards Won’t be Finalised by March Deadline, says ICMM Head

TenCate Geotube® Technology Provides Cost-effective and Efficient Dewatering and Containment of Tailings

How Are You Managing your Tailings Dam?

PODCAST – Water Management and Tailings Dam Management – with Dr Kym Morton

Vale to Begin Disposing of Mining Waste from Fatal Brazil Dam Collapse

Major Tailings Structure Completed at Mount Isa

Australian Geotech Prof David Williams (University of QLD) on Expert Panel Convened to investigate Tailings Dam Failure

First Tailings Dam on the Mount Isa Mines site to be Lined with a Geosynthetic Clay Liner and HDPE Geomembrane

Performance of a Geosynthetic Clay-Liner Cover System at a Cu/Zn Mine Tailings Impoundment

Global Tailings Database Launched (Breaking News)

A New Waterproofing Geomembrane for Tailings Ponds 

Miners Fail to Disclose Tailings-Dam DataNearly a year after the deadly Brumadinho collapse, a majority of mining firms have failed to disclose information about their tailings dams

Report Identifies Technical Causes of Brazil Tailings Dam Failure

Dewatering of Mine Tailings Slurries Using Superabsorbent Polymers (SAPs)

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