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Vale Swings to Q4 Profit Despite $3.9B Tailings Dam Settlement

Brazil Supreme Court Rejects Brumadinho Victims Appeal

TenCate Blog Bite #2: Innovative versatility for Water & Tailings Management – Say goodbye to Operational Disruption with Geotube® Dewatering

UNSW Team Selected for Eliminating Mining Tailings Problem Through Circular Economy

Stantec Reports 27.7% Increase in Fourth Quarter

Mine Waste and Tailings Conference 2021 Brisbane, Australia and Online    1 – 2 July 2021

Modelling Tailings Dam Liquefaction Failures by Mike Jefferies (Golder Associates) (10th March , 2021)

Anglo American Lands Next Phase Licence for Minas-Rio Tailings

Evolution Mining Improves Mt Carlton Tailings Dam Deformation Monitoring

Sparc Announces Results of Tailings Treatment Technology

Signature Metals Tailings Mining Recommences in the Ashanti Gold Belt of Ghana

The Overlooked Contaminant in the World’s Largest Mine Tailings Dam Collapse: Manganese


Tailings Duty Knife Gate Valve KH Series from Hy-Performance Valves

Severe Duty HG Slurry Knife Gate Valves for Tailings Slurry – Proven Reliability with Abrasive Tailings

Copper Mine Quadruples Pump Wear Life with New Tailings Pumps


Utilizing Gold Mine Tailings to Produce Sintered Bricks

Preparation of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete by Using Graphite Tailings as an Alternative Silica Source

Corrosion Behaviour of Steel Rebar in Cemented Tailings Backfill in Brine

Tailings Re-Handling and Reprocessing – Integrated Solutions for Tailings Storage Facility Reclamation


Ecological Risk Assessment of Trace Metals in Soils Affected by Mine Tailings

Drone-Monitoring: Improving the Detectability of Threatened Marine Megafauna From Tailings Dam Spills

Impacts of Heavy Metal Enriched Tailings of Magnesite Mine on Surrounding Water Reservoirs

Impacts on Aquatic Biota from Salinization and Metalloid Contamination by Gold Mine Tailings in Sub-Arctic lakes

Integration of Geostatistical Modelling into Discrete Event Simulation for Development of Tailings Dam Retreatment Applications

Estimation of Arsenic Leaching from Zn-Pb Mine Tailings Under Environmental Conditions

Vulnerability Analysis of Tailings Dam Failure Based on Decision-making Trial and Laboratory


GHD Seeking Tailings Director – Tailings Engineer for Hobart Role

BHP Seeking Tailings Dam Engineer

Stantec Seeking Senior Geotechnical Engineer in Tailings/Mining

GHD Seeking Senior Technical Tailings Director for Perth Role

BHP Seeking Tailings Manager Project Manager

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