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Vale Begins $2.3 billion Filtered Tailings & Dry Stacking Journey with First Plant Start Up at Vargem Grande Complex

Entire Villages Would be Wiped Out if Natural Disaster Hit Proposed Tailings dam on PNG PanAust Mine, Critics Say

Modeling the Brumadinho Tailings Dam Failure – Hosted by Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM)

Geo-X Complete Massive 1 Million m2 HDPE Lined Gamsberg Zinc Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Designed by Knight Piesold

Endeavour Mining MINE TAILINGS DISCLOSURE TABLE (Declassified)

HR Wallingford Publishes Animation Modelling the Brumadinho Tailings Dam Failure

‘Clock Ticking’ on Tailings Dams, PDAC hears

Transparency, Disclosure and ‘Bat-Phone’ Improving Tailings Dam Safety


New Tailings Dam Surveillance Technology

Worldsensing Adds Deformation Monitoring to IoT Tool

RAMJACK Tailings Dam Monitoring System Consists of Unique Arrays of Piezometers, Extensometers and Inclinometers


Flottweg Tailings Decanter Centrifuge for Tailings Dewatering


Bioleaching of Uranium Tailings as Secondary Sources for Rare Earth Elements Production

Mercury Mine Tailings Amended with Biochar

Systematic Characterization of Historical Tailings for Possible Remediation and Recovery of Critical Metals and Minerals

Crop Uptake of Heavy Metals in Response to the Environment and Agronomic Practices on Land Near Copper Mine Tailings

Use of Plants and Crops to Remediate Magnesite Mine Tailings (Phytoremediation)

Growth Responses and Accumulation Characteristics of Three Ornamental Plants to Tin Contamination in Soil

Flocculation Settling Characteristics of Ultra-Fine Iron Tailings with Rich Gypsum

Effective Utilization of Extracted Titanium Tailings to Prepare High Performance Glass-Ceramics

Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation of Cemented Paste Backfill of Tailings in the Mining Industry


Impacts of Exposure to Mine Tailings on Zooplankton Hatching from a Resting Egg Bank

High Throughput Screening of Native Species for Tailings Eco-Restoration Using Novel Computer Visualization for Plant Phenotyping

Tailings Dust Characterization and Impacts on Surface Water Chemistry at an Abandoned Zu-Pb-Cu-Au-Ag Deposit

Seismic Stability of Coal Tailings Dams with Spatially Variable and Liquefiable Coal Tailings

Formation and Evolution Characteristics of Dam Breach and Tailings Flow From Tailings Dam Failure


Webinar – Geospatial Strategies for Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Management

Webinar – Friday, April 9, 2021  Mr. William E. (Bill) Cobb Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer – Freeport-McMoRan Americas
“Meeting Escalating Stakeholder Expectations of the Mining Sector”

“Soft Site Impoundment Closures for Mining Using Geosynthetics” by Chris Lawson, April 20, 2021

Webinar: The Latest Technologies for Managing Risks in Mines with Q&A


First Quantum Minerals Seeking Group Engineer, Tailings Storage Facilities and Water Dams

Newcrest Seeking Superintendent- Tailings Impoundment Construction in Canada

GHD Seeking Geotechnical Engineers – Tailings & Mine Waste

Knight Piesold Seeking Tailings Engineer / Dams Engineer for Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Teck Seeking Tailings Business Improvement Engineer


Design of Coarse Tailings and Dry Ash Disposal Facilities

Fifty-Seven Major Tailings Disasters Since 2000
Using tailings insights to support safer TSF management
TSFs are some of the world’s biggest engineering structures, and one of the greatest risks for mine owners, and the communities and environments in which they operate, is the far-reaching damage that occurs if they fail.
February marked the two-year anniversary of one of the most significant tailings dam failures in history – the Córrego do Feijão operation in Brumadinho, Brazil which took 270 people’s lives.
The Brumadinho tailings disaster triggered an unprecedented overhaul of global safety regulations leading to the introduction, in mid-2020, of the world’s first global safety standards for tailings management.
Resources companies are now required to be more transparent in their disclosure of tailings risk and insurers have been quick to line-up behind the new standards making insurance cover difficult to secure unless miners can demonstrate standards compliance.

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