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RAMJACK Technology Partners with LSI Lastem to Make Tailings Dam Failures Completely Avoidable

NEWS RELEASE: Geotextile Reinforced Tailings Dam & Sludge Pond Closures

Whitepaper on ‘Measuring Density in Dry Tailings Process

Why a Big Mining Project Could Wipe Out Rural Villages in Indonesia

University of WA Develops Novel Additives for Controlling the Viscosity of Iron Ore Tailings for Reduced Pumping Costs and Safer Tailings Storage in Dams

South Australian Government Releases New Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Regulation and Standards

Newcrest Commits to Managing Tailings Storage Facilities Safely and Responsibly

Mines Correct to Take Tailings Management Very Seriously

Barrick to Trial Tailings Strategy at Golden Sunlight
Canadian producer Barrick Gold plans to incorporate tailings processing as part of its closure plans for the Golden Sunlight operation in Jefferson County, the US.


British Judge Throws Out $9 Billion Class Action in BHP Samarco Lawsuit

Fundão Dam Disaster Case Judge’s Impartiality Under Scrutiny


Glencore & Tre-Altamira to Satellite Monitor Tailings Dams

IDS GeoRadar’s SLYX Takes it Slow on Tailings
Italian subsurface investigation company IDS GeoRadar has partnered with Swiss monitoring technology Geopraevent on a new tailings monitoring system called SLYX Slow Movement Analysis that tracks incremental but potentially catastrophic movements by dams.

Hexagon Introduces Slow Movement Analysis on Tailing Dams

Ten Million Euro to Worldsensing to Develop the Next Generation Tailings Dam Monitoring Solution
The company’s monitoring solution collects sensor data of critical infrastructure, including tailings dams in the mining sector, thus improving the safety of workers that normally collect this data manually and the communities that often live near these sites.

Drones Deliver Better Data, Save Money and Enhance Safety of Tailings Dams

Worldsensing Wins SME Mining Technology Excellence Award


Mine Tailings-Based Geopolymers: Properties, Applications and Industrial Prospects

Reuse of Iron Ore Tailings (IOT) in Sustainable Concrete

Potential of Tailing Deposits in Chile for the Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Produced by Power Plants Using Ex-Situ Mineral Carbonation


Bugs that Help Vegetation Grow on Tailings by COSIA

Geosynthetics for Maaden Phosphate Tailings Pond

Assessment of Iron-Rich Tailings via portable X-ray Fluorescence sSpectrometry: the Mariana Dam Disaster, Southeast Brazil

Barrick Golden Sunlight Mine Closure Project in Montana will see Pyrite Sulphur from Tailings Sold to NGM for Gold Processing

An Analytical Solution to Estimating the Settlement of Tailings by Considering the Sedimentation and Consolidation


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