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Vale to Pay $46 million Penalty for Missing Deadline to Decommission Tailings Dams

Vale to Pay $46 million as it Fails to Remove Tailings Dams by Deadline$46-million-as-it-fails-to-remove-tailings-dams-by-deadline

Concrete Canvas Press Release From 28 February 2022 Not Breaking and Not New

Introducing Ore-sand: a Potential Solution to Global Sustainability Crises of Sand and Mine Tailings (New Video Podcast)

EnviroGold Global to Reprocess Hellyer Gold Mines Tailings in Tasmania

VideoCast on “How to Design Filtered Tailings Landforms”

CGG Critical Tailings Monitoring at Your Fingertips

The Brumadinho Mining Disaster: Immediate Impacts of Mine Tailings 5 Days after the Dam Rupture

Significant Funding for Australian Mining Companies Available from the Australian Government

UNECE Workshop on Improving Tailings safety in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and beyond in Central Asia (11-13 June 2019)

Sustainable Design of Tailings Dams Using Geotechnical and Geomorphic Analysis

Solution and Stability Analysis of Sliding Surface of Tailings Pond under Rainstorm [PDF]

Comprehensive Diagnosis Method of the Health of Tailings Dams Based on Dynamic Weight and Quantitative Index

The University of Queensland Offers Tailings Dam Design Course

Webinar | Evaluating Static Liquefaction Potential for Tailings (9 March 2022)

Stefanutti Stocks’ South Africa’s Answer for Tailings Management and Outsourced Mine Residue Management


Clinkerisation of Copper Tailings to Replace Portland Cement in Concrete Construction

Corrosion Law of Steel Pipe when Transporting Tailings Paste Slurry

Research on the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printing Polymer Reinforced Cemented Tailings Backfill Under Uniaxial Compression

Trace Elements in Garden Soils, Vegetables and Apples Near a Large Copper Tailings Pond in SW Poland [PDF]

Automatic Recognition of Erosion Area on the Slope of Tailings Dam Using Region Growing Segmentation Algorithm

The Role of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in Unconventional Tailings Deposition

Integrated Utilization of Vanadium-Titanium Magnetite Tailings for Synthesis of Lightweight Foamed Ceramics

Analysis of Compaction Characteristics of Tropical Black Clay Admixed with Lime and Iron Ore-Silica Based Tailings

Recycling of Mine Tailings for Geopolymers Production: A Systematic Review

Tailings Management Handbook: A Life-Cycle Approach


GHD Seeking Senior Tailings Engineer for Queensland

Rio Tinto Seeking Senior Tailings Engineer for Queensland–&trackingId-IZz6vlhValKDl1PA4g+WMA–&position=3&pageNum-0&trk=public_jobs-jserp-result_search-card

Phoenix Tailings Seeking Senior Process Development Engineer
Phoenix Tailings is on a mission to be the world’s first clean mining and metals production company.


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