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Rio Tinto Released a Million Cubic Metres of Contaminated Mine Process Water from 8 March 2022 to Prevent a Complete Collapse of its Dam

Cause of Failure of the Lagoa do Pirocáua Dam at the Aurizona Mine on March 25, 2021, Maranhão State, Northeast Brazil [PDF]

New Method for Gold Extraction from Tailings Developed by Atom Minerals (Australia)

Autonomous Robots to Remove Tailings from Tailings Dams

Barrick’s Proposed Pueblo Viejo Tailings Dam Location ‘Highly Likely’ to be Changed

Quebec Iron Ore Says it Had No Choice but to Fill Eight Tailings Dams

Seminar on Mining Disaster in Brazil and Environmental Agenda in Chile (11th April, 2022)


Golder Associates Technical Report on Tailings Dam at Southern Copper Corporation: Buenavista Copper (Declassified)

Hazards in Mining: Glencore Develop a Novel Model for the Prediction of Run-Out Distances in Tailings Dams Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Clean Technology Hazardous Red Mud Tailings from the Aluminium Industry by Displacement with a Mg-based Agent

NSW Government Publishes Risk Assessment Flowchart for Tailings Dams

Impacts of High Salinity and BASF Polymer Properties on Dewatering and Structural Characteristics of Flocculated High-Solids Tailings

Geochemical Modelling of Diethylenetriamine (DETA) in Tailings Management Areas

Earthworks Publishes 16 Guidelines for Responsible Tailings Management

The Hidden Risks of Tailings Dams

Video on Analysis and Design of Tailings Dams using Numerical Methods

Repair,  Reuse, Recycle: ERG’s Critical Minerals Reprocessing Journey

Private Adaptation in the Mining Sector: How to Promote Local Sustainability?


Numerical Simulation of Tailings Flow from Dam Failure over Complex Terrain

Stability Analysis of Upstream Tailings Dam Using Numerical Limit Analyses

Procedure for Assessing the Liquefaction Vulnerability of Tailings Dams

Mechanical-Based Properties of Mine Tailings for Static Liquefaction

Comprehensive Diagnosis Method of the Health of Tailings Dams Based on Dynamic Weight and Quantitative Index

Study on Leakage Through Geomembrane Defects Overlain by Saturated Tailings and Underlain by Highly Permeable Subgrade

Compressive Fatigue Behaviour and Failure Evolution of Additive Fibre-Reinforced Cemented Tailings Composites

Comparative Mechanical Properties of Conventional Concrete Mixture and Concrete Incorporating Mining Tailings Sands

Effects of Incorporating Large Quantities of Copper Tailings with Various Particle Sizes on the Strength and Pore Structure of Cement-Based Materials

Environmental Impacts of Rare Earth Production


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