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SLR Seeking Principal Geotechnical/ Mine Waste Engineer (Tailings) – Brisbane

SLR Seeking Associate Geotechnical/ Mine Waste Engineer (Tailings) – Brisbane


Vale Begins Reusing Tailings at Carajá Dam Using Equipment with Zero CO2 Emissions

Teck, UBC Announce $2.9m Investment for Tailings Management Research and Education

Vale Begins Gelado Tailings Re-use Project Commissioning with IHC Electric Dredges

Court in Brazil’s Minas Gerais State Recommend a Meeting Between State Prosecutors and Representatives of Canadian Gold Miner Kinross Gold to Discuss the Safety of Two Tailings Dams

Alcoa Piped Toxic Waste Over Drinking Water Dam, and Asked for Approval Afterwards

Tailings Re-mining to Ramp Up in 2023

Ore-sand: A Circular Economy Solution to Reduce Mineral Wastes and Improve Global Sand Sustainability – Sustainable Minerals Institute

Vale Reusing Tailings at Carajás Dam for Pellet Feed – Mining Magazine

Canada Environment Minister ‘Deeply Concerned’ about Imperial Oil Tailings Leak

Collaboration has Ensured an Improved Record for Tailings Facility Safety, Panel Finds

St Barbara’s Canadian Tailings Plan Falters

Tailings Dam Breach Simulation at Proposed East Boulder Mine Expansion—stop-motion-animation/video_494130a6-04bb-5b9a-8af9-7fedeebb4260.html

How a NAIT Researcher is Building Community Around Tailings Pond Research

Building Social Engagement into Tailings Management

Global Tailings Standard Raises the Bar for Social Management


Evaluation of Soil Heavy Metals Pollution and the Phytoremediation Potential of Copper-Nickel Mine Tailings Ponds

Effective Strengthening Solutions for Fractured Rock Masses Using Tailings

Pollution and Health Risk Assessment of Mine Tailings Contaminated Soils from Toxic Elements with Statistical Approaches

A Comprehensive Review of Large Strain Consolidation Testing for Application in Oil Sands Mine Tailings

Basic Procedure to Estimate the Accumulated Environmental Damage Caused by Mining Facilities at a Tailings Dump

A Comprehensive Review on Cobalt Bioleaching from Primary and Tailings Sources

Valorization of Waste Mill Tailings from Small-Scale Mining Through Geopolymerization: Strength, Durability, and Heavy Metal Leaching Potential

Estimation of Soil Porosity in Mine Tailing Using Parameters from Instrumented Oedometer Test

Resettlement of Forcibly Displaced People: Case study of Bento Rodrigues Following the Environmental Disaster of the Fundão Tailings Dam Failure

Tailings Dam Reservoir Sectoring Using CPTU and Geophysical Test Data

Analysis of Deformations of Tailings Dams Using the Finite Element Method and Constitutive Equations

Use of Quartzite Tailings in Civil Construction Materials: a Systematic Review

Static and Cyclic Liquefaction of Copper Mine Tailings

Alberta Band Chief Angry Over Silence from Imperial Oil after Oilsands Tailings Spill

Testing Quarry Tailings for Use as Hydro-energy Fluid


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