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Tailings Dams Face Pandemic Pressures (Feature Article)

Deliberating or Stalling for Justice? Dynamics of Corporate Remediation and Victim Resistance Through the Lens of Parentalism: The Fundão dam Collapse and the Renova Foundation in Brazil

Momentum Builds for K2fly Tailings Software Solutions


Interview — Eduardo Ruiz, Amphos2: “The Trend is to Design Tailing Facilities that have Less Water”

Interview – Tom Butler, Former ICMM CEO: Holistic Approach Needed to Minimize Risk at Tailings Dams


Rio Tinto Updates Details of Tailings Facilities

Copper Prices Set Teck Profit on Fire — Up 247% in Q1

Stantec Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Engenium, Deepening Sustainable Mining Project Delivery and Advisory Service Capabilities in Australia

Healthier Economy in Tailings Management

Why Everything We Know about Tailings Dams Failure is Wrong

Greece Approves Eldorado Gold’s Tailings Plan for Skouries

Video – New Technology Means No Tailings for Nechalacho Rare Earths Mine

Tailings Manager Academy – Supporting Safety and Responsibility

Eldorado Gold Receives Approval for Use of Dry Stack Tailings at Skouries


Coletanche Bituminous Geomembrane (BGM) to line the Ravenswood Gold Tailings Dam in what will be Queensland’s Largest Gold Mine

Siplast BGM Used to Line MMG Rosebery Tailings Dam in Tasmania


Utilization of Modified Copper Slag Activated by Na2SO4 and CaO for Unclassified Lead/Zinc Mine Tailings Based Cemented Paste Backfill

Breach Volume Estimation of Tailings Storage Facility Failures


Teck Seeking Tailings Engineer


ANCOLD Tailings Dam Operators Forum 2021


Both Sides Claim Victory in complicated PolyMet Court Ruling

Minnesota Court Orders Fresh Review of PolyMet Mine Permits


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