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MMG Rosebery Mine’s ‘Insane Plan’ for 140ha Tailings Dam Expansion into Nearby Wilderness

Newcrest Uses Eriez Separators for Tailings at Cadia Valley

Newcrest and Eriez Publish Joint Paper on Copper Recovery From Tailings [PDF]

New Technology Aims for Tailings Monitoring From Space

SUEZ and Diemme Filtration Partner to Develop New Integrated Tailings Management Approach

Alfa Laval Highlights Tailings Dewatering Innovation at Austmine 2021

Tailings In-line Flocculation by Paterson & Cooke

Environmental Impact of Tailings in Chile—A Review

UK Appeals Court to Reassess Lawsuit Against BHP for Brazil Dam Collapse

Geospatial Insight Launches Service to Monitor Tailing Dam Ground Movements

Tailings from a Life-Cycle Perspective

Kim Morrison of Newmont “MME Special Focus Issue on Tailings Management”


‘Geotechnics of Tailings Dams’, which is scheduled to be Hosted on 28th May 2021 (Australia)


MMG Seeking Head of Tailings and Water

Newmont Seeking Principal Engineer for Tailings Dams

Hatch Seeking Senior Tailings Engineer for South African Role

Wood Seeking Tailings Engineer


Release of Trace Elements During Dissolution of Magnetite from Metal Mine Tailings: Potential Impact on Marine Environments

Regeneration Assessments of Filter Fabrics of Tailings Filter Presses in the Mining Sector

Design in the Aftermath of the Mount Polley Mine Disaster

Hydraulic Characteristics of the Gualaxo do Norte River after the Fundão Dam Rupture

Risk Evaluation of Tailings Dam-Break Based on the Extension Matter-Element Model [PDF]


Video of Webinar: Perpetua Tailings Storage Facility

Do You Have Any Tailings Industry News? – Get in Touch


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