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MMG Rosebery Mine Might Have to Close Without New Tailings Site (Breaking News)

China Punishes 63 People Over Massive Molybdenum Tailings Dam Leak (Breaking News)

Black & Veatch, Paterson & Cooke to Collaborate on Integrated Solutions in Tailings and Water in Mining (Breaking News)

Mining Firm Cartledge Mining & Geotechnics Calls for National Redress in Meeting Global Tailings Standard (Breaking News)

Erizon Implements an Innovative Tailings Revegetation Solution for Newcrest Mining at the Cadia Gold Mine in New South Wales

Multotec’s New UX7 Spiral for Retreating Tailings’ Ultra-Fines (Breaking News)
This opens the door for customers to cost effectively re-treat their tailings dams to recover valuable ultra-fine material

New Software for Management & Monitoring of Tailings Storage Facilities (Seequent Software)
By Dr. Janina Elliott – Ph.D., M.Sci Geol, (Global Central Technical Lead) at Seequent

Tailings Management in Extractives

Copperstone’s HELIX AR2 Soft Tailings (Video)

Copperstone Technologies Develop Robot for Tracking Across Tailings Dams
The HELIX family of robots is named for its unique mobility – they carry heavy payloads across tailings ponds, in conditions that can be wet, muddy, snowy, and often sticky (sometimes all on the same day). No technology could handle all of the required situations: boats could not handle shallow water or thickened tailings, aerial vehicles couldn’t carry the required payloads, and tracked or wheeled robots sank in the tailings.  Inspired by designs of the past, Copperstone have modernized the screw-drive concept and developed HELIX, a patented combination of screw-propulsion and four-wheel drive capable of remote and autonomous operations.

Mining Copper Tailings Could Answer Supply Deficits Later this Decade

Visualizing the Size and Scale of Mine Tailings

Responsible Management of Mine Tailings and Waste Rock | Eramet


Geomembrane Behaviour In Mining and Tailings Explored In Webinar (26th May, 2021)
Learn about the effects of acidic and alkali conditions on geomembrane performance in mining solutions.
The IGS Technical Committee on Barriers (TC-B) is set to host Dr. Fady B. Abdelaal, who will talk about ‘Long-term Performance of Different Polymeric Geomembranes in Extreme High and Low pH Mining Solutions’.

GroundProbe Webinar – Considerations for Tailings Dam Monitoring (2nd June 2021)


Uranium Re-adsorption on Uranium Mill Tailings and Environmental Implications

Influence of Acid Attack on Physical Characteristics of Cemented Tailings Backfill

FBG-Based Inclinometer for Landslide Monitoring in Tailings Dams

Deformations on a Tailings Dam Embankment Due to Its Heightening and Reservoir Filling

Recovery of Gold and Silver Extraction from Cyanide Tailings by Melting Chlorination

Study of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Bauxite Tailings

Phytomining of Valuable Metals from Tailings: Status and Prospective-a Review

Reactions Mechanisms For the Minimization of Toxic Elements Transfer from Mine Tailings into the Ecosystem


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