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Tailings Storage Facilities Are With us For the Long Term, But Must Be Responsibly Managed

Free Guide Download – How Leading Miners are Leveraging InSAR for Tailings

Pinkmatter – Tailings Dam Monitoring From Satellites

MMG’s Rosebery Mine Needs a New Tailings Dam by 2024 or its Future is in Doubt

Spectre of Tailings Disaster Looms After Spill at Canadian Firm’s Brazil Mine (Breaking News)

Credibility Crisis: How The Mining Industry Co-Opted the Global Tailings Review

Brazil: Possible Tailings Dam Burst in the Country’s Largest Gold Reserve Leaves Population Without Access to Water in Maranhãoão/

Can ‘Alternative Tailings Disposal’ Become the Norm?
New technology promises to reduce water, create a smaller environmental footprint and reduce long-term risks for mines

Tailings Storage Facilities Management: From Data Acquisition to an Integrated 3D Model in Leapfrog

Remote Sensing of Tailings Storage Facilities Poster Slides Video

LEGAL – Brazil Prosecutors Point Finger at Minsur Subsidiary


Video Promoting Mine Waste and Tailings Conference 2021 (1-2 July 2021)


Newmont Mining Seeking Principal Engineer, Tailings & Dams,-Tailings-&-Dams-CO-80002/749082300/

Canadian Miner New Gold Inc. Seeking Tailings Dam Engineer

Freeport-McMoRan Seeking Chief Geoscientist – Tailings, Crushed Leach & Water

Stantec Seeking for Principal Tailings Engineer & “Engineer of Record” for Queensland


Mining Iron Ore From Tailings with Minimal Use of Process Water—mining-iron-ore-from-tailings-with-minimal-use-of-process-water.pdf

Investigation on the Effects of Chemical Pretreatment on the Iron Ore Tailings Dewatering

An Improved Faster Neural Network Method to Detect Tailings Ponds from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images



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