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Reuters – Miners Need More Engineers to Meet New Tailings Dam Safety Standard

Brumadinho Won’t Break Vale, But the Piper Still Hasn’t Been Fully Paid

On-Demand Webinar: IoT Remote Monitoring of Tailings Dams

Lessons Learned for The Practicing Engineer: How And When Geosynthetic Clay Liners Are Effective For Containment

Eriez HydroFloat Coarse Particle Flotation System Provides 30% Reduction in Tailings Management Costs

For Every 50kg on Nickel in an EV Around 5 Tonnes of Tailings are Produced
QPM’s MD Says they’ve Won the ESG Nickel Race While Competitors are Still Putting Their Shoes On – for every dried tonne of ore that they take, they will produce around about 1.2 to 1.4 dry tonnes of tailings

Tailings Storage Facilities Flood Exposure Assessment using a 2D Hydrodynamic Model

Types of Tailings Dams – Canadian Mining Journal

Modelling Inundation from Tailings Dam Failures – Video

BHP Seeking Tailings Superintendent for Olympic Dam Mine


Recycling of Mine Tailings for the Geopolymers Production: A Systematic Review

Role of Mine Tailings in the Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Phosphorus in River Water: The Case of B1 Dam Break in Brumadinho

Invertebrate Metal Accumulation and Toxicity from Sediments Affected by the Mount Polley Tailings Disaster

Production of Lightweight Aggregates from Bauxite Tailings for the Internal Curing of High-Strength Mortars

Influence of Molybdenum Tailings By-products as Fine Aggregates on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Concrete

Initial Distribution of Suspended Sediment in a Two Basin Lake Following a Massive Mine Tailings Spill: Quesnel Lake, BC, Canada

Spontaneous Vegetation Colonizing Abandoned Metal(loid) Mine Tailings Consistently Modulates Climatic, Chemical and Biological Soil Conditions Throughout Seasons

Cultivating Vegetables in Tailings from the Fundão Dam Collapse: Metal Accumulation and Risks to Food Safety

Numerical Investigation on the Impact of Tailings Slurry on Catch Dams Built at the Downstream of a Breached Tailings Pond

Numerical Dynamic Analysis of the Stability of a Tailings Dam and Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential

A High-Fidelity Seismic Intensity Measure to Assess Dynamic Liquefaction in Tailings

Geochemical dispersion of metal and rare-earth elements in water and soil in the Tailing Storage Facility in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia


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