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5th Anniversary: This week marks the fifth anniversary of the Brumadinho Tailings Dam Collapse

2024 Calendar – Deadly Nature of Tailings (FREE for TNA Subscribers)
Free Calendar for TNA Readers Highlighting the Stunningly Beautiful but Deadly Nature of Tailings

New Global Standards for Mining Sustainability Unveiled

Brazilian Judge Orders Mining Companies to Pay for Suffering Caused by Tailings Dam Failure

NEW REPORT – Public Databases of Tailings Storage Facilities Fall Short of Full Risk Disclosure [PDF]


Vale’s board advised to consider outside candidates in search for next CEO in Wake of Brumadinho Tailing Dam Collapse Brumadinho

Not Good Enough – ‘Only one third of companies with tailings dams have adopted new standards’

AngloAmerican Report on Progress on Hydraulic Dewatered Stacking (HDS)

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – Upcoming Paterson & Cooke Tailings Course June 11 – 14, 2024

Holly Maddison Cooke, Geologist with BHP nicely explains Characterising critical minerals in Prominent Hill Mine Tailings

Hindustan Copper erred in awarding Copper Ore Tailings Beneficiation project: Parliamentary panel

Computer-aided design at the tailings dump – Livezeni colliery

Thesis:  Tailings Dam Monitoring and the Prediction of Tailings Dams Failures

Environmental expert to testify about impacts of toxic tailings waste on groundwater in Canada

Stars Aligning for a Dedicated Tailings Processing Industry

Davra Sentinel Release Safe, Efficient, Compliant Tailings Software

Special Issue:  Tailings Dams: Design, Characterization, Monitoring, and Risk Assessment, 2nd Edition


New Gold Seeking Senior Tailings Dam Engineer

AECOM Seeking Civil/Geotechnical Engineer – Tailings and Dams

South32 Seeking Superintendent Execution – Tailings Storage


Geosynthetics & Risk Mitigation in Tailings (22 Feb 2024)

Course:  Fundamentals of Tailings Engineering (March 5 – 8, 2024)

Mexico to Host 1st International Symposium on Tailings Storage Facilities (13-15 March, 2024)
Best practices in design, operation and governance

DON’T MISS upcoming Paterson & Cooke Tailings Course June 11 – 14, 2024 


Degradation mechanism and life prediction of cemented tailings backfill under dry-wet cycles and salt erosion

An Experimental on Filtration and Clogging of Geotextile Filters around Drain Pipes in Fine Tailings in Mine Drainage


Synthesis of High-Crystallinity Zeolite A from Rare Earth Tailings: Investigating Adsorption Performance on Typical Pollutants in Rare Earth Mines

Sustainable approach towards alternatives for the use of iron ore tailings in the construction sector 

Durability and Hardened Properties of 3D Printed Concrete Containing Bauxite Tailings

Reuse of Iron Ore Tailings by Magnetic Separation Using Functionalized Magnetic Particles

Recovery of Iron from Copper Tailings Using a Combined Direct Reduction–Magnetic Separation Process


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