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UK Court Drops $9 Billion Lawsuit Against BHP

UK Judge Blocks Brazil Lawsuit Against BHP

BHP Fends Off $9b English Lawsuit Over Samarco Disaster​

UK Judge Nixes Damages Claim Over Brazil Dam Failure


Reinforced Mine Tailings Pond Closure in Huelva, Spain

The Role of Institutional Mining Investors in Driving Responsible Tailings Management [PDF]​

How the Insurance Industry has Changed Since the Brumadinho Tailings Disaster

Decipher Assists with Insurance Process for Tailings Storage Facilities

Tailings Dams Failures Insurance Perspective

We’re Going to See More Tailings Dam Failures: Central Asia Metals’ Tailings Spill


Deformations Prior to the Brumadinho Dam Collapse

How South32 has Remediated a Historic TSF into a “State-of-the-Art” Dry Stack Facility

Mine Backfilling with Tailings and ABEL Pumps

New Software – DIANA Finite Element Analysis for Tailings Dams

Healthier Economy in Tailings Management

Tailings Solutions: How to Filter Down the Options

Goldcorp and FLSmidth innovate to reduce mining’s footprint and environmental impact with EcoTails™


Project Manager – Tailings Dam Rehab Work in Brisbane

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