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High Demand for Tailings Consulting Exceeds Local Capacity Says Knight Piesold

Metso Outotec Tackles Long-term Tailings Management Task With New High-Capacity Filter Technology

Earthlok™ Flexible Geosynthetic-Concrete Matting for Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF)​

SRK Consulting – Initial Thermal Performance of a Frozen Tailings Dam

Five Years of the Mining Dam Disaster in Mariana, Brazil: Looking to the Future

Teaching Sustainability-Informed Decision-Making Based on High-Risk Dam Failure Case Study

Tailings and Mine Waste Conference Technical Paper Presentation Schedule [PDF]

Toward Closing a Loophole: Recovering Rare Earth Elements from Uranium Metallurgical Process Tailings

Natural Rehabilitation of Arsenic-Rich Historical Tailings at the Alexander Mine, Reefton, New Zealand

Katoro on Course at Gold Tailings Project

Lundin Mining Publishes Tailings Management Information Sheet

White Pine Mine Tailings Pond Disappearing

Role of Temperature, Wind, and Precipitation in Heavy Metal Contamination at Copper Mines: a Review


South 32 Seeking Manager Tailings Dam Governance

Incitec Pivot Seeking Mines Tailings Engineer

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