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Capping of Mine Tailings and Sediment Ponds – a Proven Solution – Webinar

Brazilian Miners to Tighten up Tailings Self-Regulations

Brazil’s Lower House to Evaluate Tailings Spill Compensation

Vale Opens Tailings Processing Plant

Stratalis – The Power of Integration: A New Approach to Tailings

Tailings Storage Engineering by WWL Australia

The Top 5 Tools Helping Tier 1 & 2 Mining Companies Manage Their TSFs

Working Towards Zero Harm: Tailings Monitoring & Governance in 2021 (Vodcast)

IGS-NA Highlights Geosynthetics at Mine Tailings Event
Mike Donovan (Minerals Tech.) presented on lighter and longer GCLs for use in mining applications

Global Acid Rock Drainage (GARD) Guide by Klohn Crippen Berger and Golder


Vale Turns Upcycled Tailings into Construction Materials

Reuse of Tailings as Construction Materials

Reclamation of Tailings in GCCM Liners for the Circular Economy (Breaking News)​

Tailings Consultants Australia (TCA)
Australia chemists who can analysis tailings by XRD analysis and advise reuse and reclamation strategies


Modeling of Visco-plastic Tailings Dam-Breaks

Influence of Polyurethane Foam on Chemical Clogging of Nonwoven Geotextile and Tailings Caused by Ferrous Iron


Huge Upsurge in Employment Ads for Tailings Engineers: –

BHP Seeking Tailings Engineer

Coffey Seeking Tailings Engineer

GHD Seeking Tailings Engineer

Golder Seeking Tailings Engineers

Hatch Seeking Tailings Engineers

Klohn Crippen Berger Seeking Tailings Engineer


Principal Geotechnical Engineer – Tailings

Newcrest Cadia Seeking Tailings Superintendent


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