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TSF Wall Breach at Williamson Mine in Tanzania

Petra Diamonds Reports Tailings Dam Burst at Williamson Mine in Tanzania

Another Tailings Dam Failure – The Williamson Mine in Tanzania

Petra Diamonds Halts Williamson Mine in Tanzania After Dam Breach


The Real Cost of Tailings Dam Monitoring

Calls Intensify for Audits of South African Tailings Dams

New Highly-Durable Isocyanate-Free Protective Coating for Mining Infrastructure and Tailings Dam Facilities
Vitrethane 650 is a Polyurethane coating showing the high durability properties of a polyurethane but is not cured with isocyanate.

The Future of Tailings: Embracing New Technologies and Building on the Old

Criminal Case to be Opened Against Jagersfontein Developments for Tailings Spill

Considering Climate Change in Tailings Dam Design

Queensland Tailings Group (QTG) Announces Lecture by Dr Nicholas Beier on 22 November 2022 on ‘Towards Improved Management and Closure of Mine Waste Structures’

BHP, Rio Announce Joint Tailings Project
 Rio Tinto and BHP will work together to accelerate the development of technology that could significantly increase water recovery from mine tailings.

Miners Pool Resources to Stop Further Tailings Dam Disasters

Newmont Raises US$1B Through Mining Industry’s First Sustainability-Linked Bond

Knight Piesold Serves as the Tailings Storage Consultant for Caravel Copper Project, Australia


WSP Seeking Graduate Tailings Engineer for Perth Role

WSP Seeking Senior Tailings Engineer for Nevada USA Role–831785d9-9a61-4219-a3fe-c3c53c928d5b


Modelling Hazard for Tailings Dam Failures at Copper Mines in Global Supply Chains

Estimating Environmental Damages of a Tailings Dam Failure: The case of the Fundão Dam in Brazil

Compilation and Critical Assessment of Observations from a Selection of Historical Tailings Dam Breach Events for Numerical Breach and Runout Modelling

The Microbial Profile of Rivers and Lagoons Three Years After the Impact of the World’s Largest Mining Disaster (Fundão dam, Brazil)

Living and Health Conditions after a Mining Dam Rupture: Brumadinho Health Project and Bruminha Project

Prevalence of Psychiatric Symptoms and Associated Factors in the Adult Population from the are Affected by the Tailings Dam Rupture – Brumadinho Health Project

Electroosmotic Dewatering of Iron Ore Tailings: A Laboratory Study to Improve Geotechnical Properties


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