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Protests Over Newcrest’s Plans for Deep Sea Tailings Storage in Papua New Guinea

Official Complaint Against Newcrest Mining Limited and Harmony Gold (Australia) Pty Ltd

Rio Tinto Whitepaper:  Risk and Conformance-based Tailings Management: Two-sides of the Same Coin

Sotrafa Geosynthetics Case Study Tailings Dam in Central America [PDF]


Tailings Critical Liability in Mining – Consultancy (SRK & BHP OLYMPIC DAM)

Rates and Causes of Tailings Dam Failures by Tim Stark
Sometimes, a geomembrane on the upstream face of the dam is installed to reduce dam saturation and seepage

HATCH Learnings from Dry Stacking Fine Grained Nickel Residue in the Tropics [PDF]

Serious Danger: Emergency Plan in the Event of a Possible Collapse of the El Mauro dam was prepared with False Information Provided by Minera Los Pelambres

Influence of Acidity on Closure Costs of Mine Tailings Dams

The Future of Tailings: Embracing New Technologies and Building on the Old

Effects of Constructing Farmland with Large Amounts of Iron Tailings as Soil Reconstruction Materials on Soil Properties and Crop Growth

New Implements to Complement Tailings Testing Portfolio

Static Liquefaction Causes the Flow Failure of a Tailings Dam [PDF]

Annual Pulses of Copper-Enriched Sediment in a North American River Downstream of a Large Lake Following the Catastrophic Failure of a Mine Tailings Storage Facility

Safety of Tailings Dams

Poisonous Coverup – The Widespread Failure of the Power Industry to Clean Up Coal Ash Dumps

Metal-Rich Mine-Tailing Spills in Brazil and the Consequences for the Surrounding Water Bodies

Experimental Study on Failure Model of Tailing Dam Overtopping under Heavy Rainfall

The Use of Lightweight Penetrometer PANDA for the Compaction Control of Classified Sand Tailings Dams

Key Elements of Tailings Dam Safety

Monitoring Horizontal and Vertical Components of SAMARCO Mine Dikes Deformations by DInSAR-SBAS Using TerraSAR-X and Sentinel-1 Data

Geotechnical Study for In-pit Coal Refuse Tailing Cells


SLR Consulting Seeking Associate Geotechnical / Mine Waste Engineer (Tailings) – Brisbane

SLR Consulting Seeking Principal Geotechnical / Mine Waste Engineer – Brisbane


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