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Monitoring of Tailings Dams and Safety Reviews [PDF] (Special Feature)

Lessons Learned from the Two Major Tailings Dam Accidents in Brazil​

Tailings a Harbinger For What is to Come (Global Mining Review)


Brazil’s Vale to Contest Court Ruling on B7 Tailings Dam Suspension

Judge Denies Request to Freeze $4.7bn from Vale’s Accounts

Tailing Dam Facilities One of Most Common & High-Stake Risks to Communities & Environment


Tailings Dams and Responsible Investment

Study Of Problem Complexity And Expertise In Making Judgement Decisions For Waste Cover And Tailings Dam Safety [PDF]–Decisions-for-Waste-Cover-And-Tailings-Dam-Safety/links-5f6c71b629-9bf1b53e-edd9f3/A-Study-Of-Problem-Complexity-And-Expertise-In-Making-Judgement-Decisions-for-Waste-Cover-And-Tailings-Dam-Safety.pdf

Tailings Storage Failures: Impact on the Industry, Design, Operation and People [PDF]

Insurability Of Tailings Related Risk


Unique Chemical Helps Salvage Iron Ore From Mining Waste

Coastal Waters Contamination by Mining Tailings: What Triggers the Stability of Iron in the Dissolved and Soluble Fractions?

Laboratory Identification and Analysis of Sand, Slimes and Tailings (SEM/FTIR/XRD)


Microseismic Technology for Tailings Dams Monitoring

Advance in Artificial Intelligence Method Safety on Warning of Tailings Dam Break

DAMSAT: An Eye in the Sky for Monitoring Tailings Dams


New Multotec Cyclones for Tailings (Video)

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