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Golder Associates Report on Tailings Dam Breaches  – A Review of Methods, Practices, and Uncertainties(Special Feature)

Central Asia Metals (CAM) Finishes Tailings Dam Repairs at Lead Zinc Mine

Moody’s Returns Vale to Investment Grade Rating

Green Light for Tick Hill Tailings Operation

Hecla Greens Creek Mine Plans Expansion of Admiralty Island Tailings Storage Facility (TSF)

Stability Assessment of a Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Using a Non-Local Constitutive Model Accounting for Anisotropic Strain-Softening [PDF]

Bolstering Small Mines, Tailings Management Among Key Challenges for Chile

Zero-Waste Mining – ‘Tell Him He’s Dreaming!’


TNA Offering Geosynthetic Market Intelligence Reports Using Augmented Analytics (NEW)
Report rich with competitor and customer data on your specific products and/or services ?


How Mining Companies Reap Significant Benefits from Geotube® Dewatering – An Asian Rare Earth Plant’s Solution to Long-term Waste Storage Problems

New Tailings Reprocessing Technology Has Environmental Benefits

Investigating the Suitability and Cost-Benefit of Copper Tailings as Partial Replacement of Sand in Concrete: an Exploratory Study


Mining Waste Too Sharp for Norwegian Fjord Marine Life

Dumping Tailings into the Environment is Largely Illegal across Europe, but in Norway Companies Commonly Apply for a Licence to Send the Slurry Directly into Fjords


Geotechnical Engineer: Tailings Dam- Job Post
Brisbane QLD Salary $160,000 a year

Seeking Senior Geotechnical Engineer specialising in Dams & Tailings for Perth Role


SRK Consulting  –  Tailings and Mine Waste 2020
Keystone, CO November 15 – 18, 2020

Tailings and Mine Waste 2020 (November 15 – 18, 2020)

2021 Tailings Dam Operator Forum (12-14 May 2012)

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