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New Australian Technology Helps To Avoid Dangerous Tailings Dams Collapses

New Thermal Imaging Methodology to Study Evaporation Kinetics in Mine Tailings!divAbstract

Drone Flyover Inspection of LLDPE Liner at New Caledonia Goro Nickel Mine Tailings Dam

Tailings Monitoring – What is the Most Effective Method of Monitoring Tailings?

Tailings & Mine Water Solutions – Stackable Geotextile Bags – Low-cost, low-maintenance – Swift dewatering of large sludge volumes​


DAMSAT: An Eye in the Sky for Monitoring Tailings Dams [PDF]

Contamination of Groundwater by Potential Harmful Elements from Gold Mine Tailings and the Implications to Human Health: A Case Study in South Africa

University of Newcastle (Australia) Researchers Investigate Effect of Coal on Mine Tailings’ Water Permeability and Water Retention

A Cleaner Mining Method for Waste Tailings as Paste Materials for Mined-Out Voids

A Methodology Based on Magnetic Susceptibility to Characterize Copper Mine Tailings


Webinar: Tailings Facilities and Social Performance: Why Communities Matter


Perth Role for Civil Engineer – Tailings Dam

Newcrest Seeking Tailings Dam Lab Technician

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