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“Change the Game”: the Diemme Filtration Streaming Event to Unveil GHT5000F, the Filter Press that Wants to Change the Mining World’s Rules

BHP Eyes Nickel Tailings as a Carbon Sink​

BHP Explores Carbon Capture With Nickel Mine Waste

Effects of Geosynthetic Reinforcement on Tailings Accumulation Dams [PDF]

Iron-ore Tailings Dams’ Disasters – A Review—iron-ore-tailings-dams-disasters—a-review.pdf

Contamination Concerns Over 90km Wastewater Pipeline in Central West NSW

Newmont Implements Global Industry Standard for Tailings Management

ERAMET – Responsible Management of Mine Tailings and Waste Rock

Spotlight: Brazilian Miners’ Investments in Tailings Dam Closures

Landowner Worried Tailings Dam at East Boulder Mine Could Fail

How Technology Makes Tailing Dams Safer

New Database to Help Mining Companies Predict Behaviour of Tailings Flows

Using the Best Technology Has to Offer for the Smart Monitoring of Your Mine

OZ Minerals Set to Deploy mDetect™’s ‘Space Particle’ Tailings Dam Safety Device

Tailings Dams Technology Receives Federal Funding

The New Expertise Required for Designing Safe Tailings Storage Facilities

Geotechnics of Tailings Dams by Prof. Scott M. Olson

“Losses Exceeding US$100 Million and 60% Chance of Permanent Shutdown of the Mine”

Geospatial Technology Helps Improve Tailings Management

ORE2 Tailings Deployment Steps: Failure Definition


Full Cost Accounting: A Missing Consideration in Global Tailings Dam Management

Global-Scale Impact Analysis of Mine Tailings Dam Failures: 1915–2020

Study on Discharge Impact Characteristics Induced by Piping Failure of Tailings Dam

Preliminary Risk Assessment of Tailings Dam Failure at the Location of the Cukaru Peki Deposit, Bor (Serbia)

Effects of Geosynthetic Reinforcement on Tailings Accumulation Dams [PDF]


AngloGold Ashanti Appoints Newmont’s Marcelo Godoy as Chief Technology Officer (Prior to Newmont he was Mining Sector Leader for Golder Associates)

Stantec Appoints Geotech Expert to Mining Tailings Team


Newmont Seeking Senior Engineer, Tailings & Dams,-Tailings-&-Dams-CO-80002/780483300/?utm-source-US-Diversity-Network

WSP Seeking Senior Tailings / Geotechnical Engineer


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